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Clint Morris meets the “Crank” star

If Sean Connery was the man of the past few decades, then Jason Statham is the man of the next. Thanks to the success of the action-packed “Transporter” films, Statham has been enlisted into the action-hero big leagues, and what a swing he’s giving it! CLINT MORRIS caught up with Statham to talk about his new movie, “Crank”.

Looks like you do a bit of running in this one – how much?
I do not stop, that’s what the movie’s about, and if you stop you die. Brian and Mark did a very good job of poking me with a very sharp stick, they said, “Don’t you dare stop running.” The shoot was 30 days. I didn’t get one day off. The only day I got off was a Sunday and that was because everyone got off. It was a crazy shoot, a very frenetic shoot. As long as they didn’t have to revive me with oxygen they considered me in a state to shoot one more.

How are they able to keep you running?
A lot of the time Mark was on roller blades, he’s a very good roller blader to say the least. To try and get away from a man with his physicality is an achievement. I turned green several times. I nearly ended up in a pile of my own puke, that was just par for the course for this film.

It’s a bit different than “The Transporter”, this one – how?
It was certainly more dangerous. We pushed the boundaries, we risked ourselves. Not just me either, the two directors. It just lent itself to the way the movie had to be shot. We didn’t want to shoot anything green screen. Everything was shot in camera. If you see the movie you’ll see that because of that there’s no way you can get away from the dangerous aspects of what we did.

Did you do your own stunts?
Brian did a few because we look very similar (laughing). I did the ones Brian didn’t want to do, so in other words all of them.

What charges you about the action genre?
Doing a film like this because it breaks new boundaries. We ain’t spending hundreds of millions of dollars to do something people are going to like, this is like pure action. This is an old school action movie where stunts are real stunts. That’s what excites me. You can swing people on wires and on green screens, but so what? It’s just a case of money that can make that authentic. But that doesn’t excite me.

Is it a realistic film, though?
It’s completely realistic because it’s all shot in the camera. No getting away from that, you can see it.

And the ending?
I can’t tell you about the ending. You won’t be surprised if we tell you and if there is one then there is no point in telling you. [Laughs] No we aren’t allowed to give too much away. It’s the best thing is to sort of go there, sit down, relax and see what happens. That is the recipe for anything. The surprise is there is no surprise.

Didn’t you get sick from Red Bull on the set?
Yeah. It was nasty. One of the options I choose to keep my heart beat high is to screech into a garage and ransack the Red Bull counter, the popping of the pills.

Any word about ‘Brazilian Job’?
It’s funny a lot of people keep asking me about that, I am not sure what is happening. I would be very happy to work with Mark [Wahlberg] and Charlize [Theron] and Mos Def and Seth [Green] they were a good little group. If that comes along I will be smiling

Another ‘Transporter’?
Just one thing at a time, if the audience wants to see another one we’ll do another one. It’s all to do with what the audience wants to see, if they want to see another one then we’ll do one. You people are the boss basically, you control what we do and what we don’t do.

It was just announced that Louis Leterrier has signed on for the “Hulk” sequel. Will you be his Hulk?
That’s great news. I have done 2 films with him. I am really pleased for him, I am going to see him. He emailed me the other day. He wants me to be Hulk’s hairdresser.

Will ‘Revolver’ ever get a U.S release?
I think it is, it’s a great film people need to see it, and it’s a brilliant movie

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