John McTiernan to Die Hard again


Filming later this month in Vancouver and Washington

A “Die Hard” isn’t a “Die Hard” unless – well, besides soaking stained singlets – John McTiernan is involved. The guy is “Die Hard”.

OK, We carry on a lot – I’ll admit, I did too at the time – about how much of a botch job he did on the “Rollerball” remake, and granted, it was fuckin’ awful, but we’re forgetting that McTiernan was responsible for not only the fantastic “Predator” and “The Hunt for Red October” but also the greatest action thriller of the 80s one “Die Hard” (1988). He did a wonderful job with the film. He did a pretty slick job on “Die Hard : With a Vengeance” (1995) as well. Just the sheer look of his “Die Hard” films is enough to make a jeans button pop – they’re slicker than a insurance salesman minutes before an auction, and entertaining as hell.

Good news from Hollywood North Report with word that McTiernan has agreed to come on board the latest “Die Hard” film, “Live Free or Die Hard” as a producer. Initially, he was rumoured to be directing the thing, which would’ve been as welcome as free unsalted cashews, but he’s not. Alas, he’s still involved. Hopefully he’ll pass on some of his tricks to the guy that is directing, Len Wiseman.

Meantime, Marco Beltrami, the chap who scored the music for such films as “Dracula 2000” and “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”, has been hired to compose the score. Would’ve been nice if Michael Kamen had returned – but being dead and all, he’d find it a bit difficult to knock something out at the moment. (Kamen died in 2003 from a heart attack).

Production on “Live Free or Die Hard” begins at the end of the month in Washington and Vancouver.