Exclusive Interview : Steve-O


Clint talks to the “Jackass Number Two” star

Day in Day Out, we Entertainment Journalists interview talent, and in most cases, because it’s safer for them, they give you the same spiel that they’ve given the fifty other journalists that entered the hotel room – where said star, or filmmaker, is spruiking their film – before you.

Not Steve-O.

The clown school graduate – he graduated from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in 1997 – turned unlikely TV superstar, thanks to his role in the insanely popular “Jackass” TV series – the series in which a bunch of fellas do the most ridiculous of stunts, pranks and activities all for the sake of a laugh – is on the phone from Los Angeles, where he’s been asked by the studio to flog his latest film, “Jackass Number Two”, the feature-length sequel to the 2002 hit. A little sleepy, a little boozy and a lot loud, the TV funny man is hell-bent on talking about anything but the anticipated sequel. In fact, it’s like listening to a drunk uncle warble on in his sleep at the tail end of a Christmas eve party.

“I’m not going to tell you what I did with Lindsay Lohan and Knoxville last night, that’s for sure”, cackles Steve-O. “I still haven’t slept. I was never with Knoxville and Lindsay Lohan at the same time. I did various stupid things with Knoxville, and then I did various stupid things with Lindsay Lohan.”

And then, we’re back on track…or are we?

“The first time I stapled my scrotum to my leg was with an industrial nail gun. I actually stapled it to both legs, and found humour in calling it ‘the butterfly’. Small price to pay for the glory that your grandchildren are going to know about.” (For the record, its not his most dangerous stunt, that honor probably goes to the one where he held alcohol in his mouth, soaksedhis hand in alcohol and then lit his hand. He then flips back, and while in mid air, spits the alcohol out of his mouth. He nearly burnt his face-off doing it!!)

It’s then that Steve-O – born Stephen Glover – decides to tell us how “Jackass number two” came to be – but first, his personal feelings on going to the cinema.

“I don’t like going to the movies, life is too short for that, I like creating reality. I would rather be goddamn James Dean than Marlon Brando. I don’t wanna live long, I just wanna live fast – and forever”, he laughs.

“OK, I was in Russia, doing Wildboyz, and in the middle of all this crazy stuff, my producer said to me “Why waste killing you on cable television, if [Johnny] Knoxville is interested, why don’t we kill you on the silver screen?’

Knoxville, who made his name on the “Jackass” series and went on to star in such movies as “Dukes of Hazzard” and “The Ringer”, didn’t take much coaxing, says Steve-O.

“Knoxville had it in him. He decided being a $10 million dollar a movie actor, wasn’t as important as coming back and doing another Jackass”, he says, “Though, we weren’t going to greenlight the movie until we knew we had something that was creatively better than the first one.

“I’m not going to describe the skits and give them away, but I will say this: drug addiction and alcoholism is a progressive disease, and so is Jackass.”

After “Jackass 2”, Steve-O will be seen – though he’s incessant on reminding us that he’s the “star” – in a new comedy with Lee Majors and Judd Nelson that takes the Mickey out of television programming.

“It’s called National Lampoons TV the movie, and its being released by Universal. You’re on the phone with the number one man in the credits man!” he gushes. “Where Scary Movie was a spoof on scary movies, TV the movie is a spoof on television programs. Television programming is becoming more and more depraved, and so a bunch of guys decided to make a movie about exasperating the situation. I play the most care-free asshole ever to grace the silver screen.

Steve-O says he has a plan to basically take over the world.

“I got my own TV show on the USA network, also coming out this fall. I’ve also got my own shoe line, I’ve also got my own clothing line, I got a world tour coming up, I’ve got a monstrous DVD release, and I’m considering a Steve-O Gangster rap album – if the money’s right.

And he can’t wait to bring his bootie back to Australia, if only for the women.

“Australia loves me – even though the population of Australia isn’t bigger than Los Angeles County – and I gotta say, Australian bitches are sluttier than any bitches in the world. I love them. I think prostitution should be legal in Australia, even though I tend not to have sex with hookers unless there’s a language barrier. My philosophy is, it’s impossible to promote safe sex without practicing it.”

Damn right.