Fiennes is Vivaldi


“Shakespeare in Love” star as Music Legend

Joseph Fiennes has wrestled at least one good role from his brother’s grasp. (and if it were 1985, Tom Hulce’s, too).

The “Shakespeare in Love” star – lets admit it, it’s the best tag we can give him until the bean counters behind “Running with Scissors” signal a profit – has jumped on hands and knees to play composer Antonio Vivaldi in a new film from director Boris Damast.

The pic, written by journo Steven Freedman, will track the composer’s life from his days as a young priest – in which he was ordered to work as a music master at a school of neglected, unlawful girlies – to his latter days of being classical music’s correspondent to Pete Townsend. Um, that is, a music wizard.

British fox Lena Headey (“Gossip”), Malcolm McDowell (who has been terrific on “Entourage” lately), elevator whore Jacqueline Bisset, and Zuleikha Robinson co-star in “Antonio Vivaldi”.

I hear that Gerard Depardieu may also be in talks for a role in the film.

Fiennes is also rumoured to be in talks to play the male lead in the new $30 million British spy film “Daisy Scarlett”, opposite Aussie popstress Dannii Minogue.

It tells of a female spy who investigates the thefts of organs that leads her to a dictator who needs the transplants.

That role would reportedly entail Fiennes giving the filmmakers his best G.I Joe impression – as he squeezes away on a mighty big gun, whisks down ropes and makes boot-to-face contact with scum.