Marilyn Manson taking on Rocky?


One for the warped rumour pile

Frankly, I think it’s the worst idea since they hired Fabio to spruik margarine, but never the less, with money comes pull, with pull comes money, and with palpable ambition and drive comes the cataleptic belief that you can do anything. Doesn’t it, Marilyn Manson?

Prepared for a remake of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ starring Mr. Manson?

Naturally, Manson will be the one wearing the tights – since it’s the role that’s closet to him, and would involve the less prep-work leading up to the shoot. Thing is, can the guy act? Is he any match for Tim Curry? Will his Frank – N- Furter have any sauce? Eh.

According to Bloody Disgusting – quoting the shock rocker’s words to E! – the gothic artiste has been asked by Twentieth Century Fox to headline a remake of the cult classic, simply titled “Rocky Horror”.

News of a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” remake first surfaced in 2002, with Stephan Elliot (“The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert”) apparently attached to direct a TV movie version. Thing is, that was supposed to air to coincide with the original film’s 30th anniversary – – and that has been and gone.

Around the same time, it was reported that writer Richard O’Brien had written a direct sequel to his “Rocky Horror” – and no, it’s not “Shock Treatment” – which would see Frank-N-Furter arising from the grave. No idea if that’s a floating duck, or still an alive idea. And well, no word on whether the ‘Manson’ movie is either of those projects, or the connection is to an all-new incarnation of the Time Warped classic.

Stay Tuned.