Dirty Dancing being remade?


With Mario Lopez in the Patrick Swayze role?

Can Hollywood blot our golden reminiscences any more?

Mario Lopez is said to be among the favourites to take on the role of Johnny Castle, the character played by Patrick Swayze, in a remake of “Dirty Dancing”.

Lopez must’ve impressed the film’s producers with his cha-cha as a contestant on TVs ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

According to Sky Showbiz, producers are likely to find an even-lesser known actor to play the female lead. Seems they may be using a reality TV series to find their new ‘Baby’, played in the original by Jennifer Grey.

Original dancin’ man Patrick Swayze tells Sky that he’s appalled that they’re planning a remake. “I think that the original really stands up well and both leads were great!” he laughed. “We seem intent on re-making everything right now.”

This one’s sure to cop a spitting from fans.