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Hugh Jackman returns to Television

Hugh Jackman returns to Television

For the series “An Aussie Goes Barmy”

World renowned superstar Hugh Jackman will return to Television – if even briefly – for the new FOX8 series “An Aussie goes Barmy”. Its the first TV series for Jackman’s SEED productions.

Premiering Wednesday, November 29 at 7.30pm, Exclusively on FOX8, the series sees Jackman dare his best mate to do the unthinkable.

The five-part doco-reality series will follow 37-year-old Gus Worland as he puts his patriotism on the line and joins the Barmy Army, England’s most loyal and passionate cricket supporters’ club, during the upcoming Ashes tour. Gus is an ordinary Australian, a hardworking salesman who lives in the UK with his English wife, Vicky, and their three children. He also happens to be Hugh Jackman’s best friend since their kindergarten days.

A passionate cricket fan himself, Hugh is the one who sets Gus the mission to infiltrate the Barmy Army and find out what it is that makes them tick. But to make his task even harder, Gus will be decked out in green and gold whilst seated amongst the thousands of English fans at each test match.

It’s a barmy proposition to say the least. While Australia has its own fair share of fanatical cricket fans, they don’t quite match the reputation of England’s Barmy Army. And this year, they will be more hyped-up than ever as England faces the task of defending the Ashes for the first time in 18 years.

“When Hugh Jackman raised the concept of An Aussie Goes Barmy we were enthralled,” FOXTEL Executive Director of Television and Marketing Brian Walsh said. “The Barmy Army will support their team in the stands, as well as in our bars and on our beaches this summer, and our insider Gus Worland will take us right to the heart of this remarkable phenomenon.”

In each episode, Gus will join a different faction of English fans as they travel Down Under. Cameras will follow Gus as he attends not only the test match in each city, but also takes part in the extracurricular activities including the wild parties, the organised tours and the cricket matches between the Barmy Army and the Fanatics (Australia’s equivalent fan base).

Viewers will also learn the stories of individual fans; from the British Airways pilot who is a Barmy Army veteran to the unemployed plumber who is about to embark on his very first Barmy Army tour.

At the end of the series, should England win, or even draw and retain the Ashes, Gus must surrender his Aussie allegiance and join the Barmy Army full time. If Australia wins, he’s safe.

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