Pierce Brosnan is a Spy again


Former 007 now working for Bob Shaye

Having just seen “Casino Royale”, my heart’s really going out to Pierce Brosnan today – if only because he so badly wanted to be involved in this beast, and it’s going to sting like a snake bite to the balls when he gets wind that its “great”.

Good news, though. Brosnan – who’ll soon be reprising his role as ‘Thomas Crown’ for a sequel – is being assigned for active spy duty again. M won’t be giving out the orders though, Robert Shaye will be.

The actor will star in a comedy called “Spy Vs. Stu” a comedy – hmm, do I sense someone hungry to make a mockery of his old image? – for New Line, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Based on an original screenplay from the writing team of Keith Mitchell and Allie Dvorin, the comedy centers on Stu, a commitment-phobe who plans to propose to his girlfriend during an island vacation. Unbeknownst to him, a handsome, debonair spy (Brosnan) is on the other end of the island, having just finished saving the world. When the bored spy takes a serious liking to Stu’s girl, Stu is forced to compete with the ultrasuave superspy in order to win the heart of his true love.

New Line production executives Richard Brener and Jeff Katz will oversee the project for the studio. The studio spent the past year wooing Brosnan, getting him comfortable with revisiting the filmic world of intrigue and to celebrate his image as a suave spy and not mock it [or so he believes until he gets the final draft, ay?].

It’s not the first time that Brosnan has near taken the piss out of his 007 image. He did a send up the classic suave spy character with last year’s “The Matador,” in which he played an assassin having a slow nervous breakdown.

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