Donner likes Holloway for Gambit


“X-Men” producer keen on Sawyer

Rumours that “Lost” favourite Josh Holloway might be still on FOX’s radar to play a possible ‘Gambit’ – a character fans have long wanted to see in the series for quite some time now – may have been confirmed this past weekend.

Talking to IESB, “X-Men” series producer Lauren Schuler Donner mentioned that model cum actor Holloway – who plays Sawyer on the hit TV series – is someone that she’d love to see in the role of the comic-book mutant. (Holloway actually near signed up to play the part last year).

“Remember in “Lost”? The guy, what’s his name, there was a guy in there that was the perfect Gambit, the guy with the straight hair, good-looking, the bad boy…Sawyer, Sawyer”, she said.

As for the studio’s plans for ‘Gambit’, the producer remains tight-lipped, except to say that he will pop up in one of the forthcoming “X-Men” adventures. (She’s not saying whether that will be “X-Men 4”, the Young “Magneto” movie or “Wolverine”).

“The reason we didn’t use Gambit [in “X-Men” 1-3] was because in a sense his persona is a bit like Wolverine in that he’s got attitude and his power is not quite as exciting as the others”, said Schuler-Donner. “That’s why we went to Nightcrawler on 2 because he looked different than everybody else and he had a great power. So yes, I think we would weave Gambit within our story, [but] it wouldn’t be The Gambit Movie”.

A source told Moviehole that Holloway is “indeed still in the mix to play Gambit…. There’s probably more to the story than Donner’s letting on, because I’m sure it’s a done deal – for something”.

Rumour has it that Holloway was actually asked to possibly appear as Gambit in “X-Men 3”, but had to decline the offer because of his TV commitments.

“Yep. He auditioned. He signed. He was ready for work”, says our source. “They may say that they just didn’t have a use for him in that movie, but the truth is, Lost wouldn’t let him go for the period of time it was going to take to film his part”.

A mutant, Gambit possesses the ability to charge objects, usually his trademark playing cards, with potential energy, causing them to explode. He is also skilled in breaking and entering, the use of a Bo staff and hand-to-hand combat, particularly the French kickboxing martial art Savate.

Thanks to ‘FOXy lady’, ‘Robert’