Canadian Rambler -20/11/06


Colin Moore and the ‘Classic 80s’

With Colin Moore

classic 80s

Oh Two Coreys…
I cry,
languish in the need to understand you
although back then Lost Boys struck us as hip
our Jason Priestly pre-nasal drip
the hairband soundtrack of our lives
touched a chord only challenged by Swayze
Dirty Dancing his way into our hearts
on the heels of a slightly less thugish version
lean shin splits and warehouse kicks
1984 perversion
The Lord God’s place
tractor race,
slap to Lori Singer’s face
Chuck how could you?
Kenny Loggins’ rock and roll anthem roll call alone was enough
to take your breath away,
On Viper
On Couger
On Iceman
On Maverick
Ahhh come on…
you gotta be Karate-kidding me
the science wasn’t weird, it was under age
Back to School couldn’t educatize a Chet
save a decade end’s swan song
Stone-aged vietnam vet
But maybe it’s me
…you see
I’m still lost in a fog and a time
a 10 year long trail blaze
St. Elmo’s Fire days when Rob Lowe on sax made me believe
at least in the possibilities of dubbing
when kids were more than chainsaw fodder
a cheap way to redecorate Jason Vorhees’ guesthouse
No worries
Thunderdome is out there but so is Hill Valley
The invitation’s out
a 1.21 jiggawatt Crystal Camp fire’s burning high
Breakfast Club’s first to arrive
Outsiders on their way
Molly Ringwald’s sometimes red-haired bitch’s usually first to say
to tell the tale of youth gone wild
Judd Nelson’s off the mark these days,
the reefer’s rather mild
Not a problem says Sheen
with a gleem in his eye
Matty Dillion’s got the buttertarts
Estevez the apple pie
The ingredients are anybody’s guess
but nobody’s does
brat pack’s in sedated calm
Demi moore post-kutcher love
rethinking the past
And what’s wrong with that?
“Nothing” says Bacon
“though the roles are all taken…”
the voice mail’s Sierra dry bone
Quicksilver fizzle’s gone from downpour to drizzle…
give me leftovers left me feeling home alone.”
He doesn’t say it though
He knows the past prepares the wares that come from those that memories cast
They all do
So lift your head Andrew McCarthy
C.Thomas Howell blow your horn
and remember what a steel-box Miyagi once said
you’ll find him by the soft-core porn
Number 5 is alive my friend
Number 5 is alive.