A Quentin Tarantino Western?


The filmmaker returns to acting roots

I may also be a better writer than I am an air-hockey player, but that doesn’t mean I’m still not out there bashing that disc back and forward with fervour. Thus, Quentin Tarantino will always be a better filmmaker than he is an actor – as “Destiny Turns on the Radio” proved – but that doesn’t mean he’s about to have his agent block all acting offers in the near future.

Tarantino – who has acted in several of his own films, including “Pulp Fiction” and “Reservoir Dogs” – is out to prove he can remember his lines like the best of them by accepting an acting role in friend Takashi Miike’s new film, “Sukiyaki Western Django”.

Tarantino has been a long-time fan of Miike’s and even roped the filmmaker into making an appearance into “Hostel”, which he produced. Seems Miike’s collecting on his favour.

Ol’ banana-chin’s character is only described by The Hollywood Reporter as simply a “mystery man”.

The Hideaki Itoh starrer is the tale of clashes between two rival gangs and is scheduled to open in late 2007. The 800 million yen ($3.8 million) movie will be distributed by Sony Pictures, says the trade.

Though filming began this weekend at the Syonai Movie Studio in Yamagata Prefecture, northern Japan, Tarantino isn’t scheduled to arrive in Japan until late November.

I recall Tarantino being attached, acting-wise, to a film called “Hell-Ride” not too long ago too – but that one seems to have fallen by the wayside. I hear that director Larry Bishop didn’t get the bucks together for the thing because Tarantino simply dropped out of his role – and as a consequence, so did those financers.

The film was set to feature Tarantino, Michael Madsen and Bishop as three bikers, Pistolero, the Gent (Michael Madsen) and Comanche, and the deadly unfinished business among them. According to some coffee-tainted listings here on my desk, the film was supposedly greenlit in December of 2005 – with filming set to take place in June of 2006 – but nothing more has been heard of it.

Anyway, Tarantino’s returning to acting for Miike – which is, well, kinda surprising considering he said the following in an interview with MTV last year.

“I just don’t feel like acting anymore,” the hyperactive Oscar winner said, announcing that he has retired as an actor. “I lost the bug.”