Goldsman paid $4 million to re-enter Code


Screenwriter signs sumly “Da Vinci” sequel deal

According to Deadline Hollywood, shit is about to reign down on the multiplex again.

The second downpour will carry the title “The Da Vinci Code 2”. Again, Akiva Goldsman will be standing in the thick of it.

The scribe of the first film – and the fuckin’ awful “Batman & Robin”, mind you – has reportedly signed a sumly deal ($4 million!) to write the sequel to the Ron Howard travesty.

According to the site, Goldsman has to get to work pretty fast on the sequel, because Sony wants the film ready for a 2008 release.

Considering all that Goldsman has to do is ‘adapt’ Dan Brown’s book “Angels & Demons” into some sort of literary form – he doesn’t have to dream up anything himself! – the amount he’s being paid to do it is nonsensical. Looking at the guy’s back catalogue, you gotta wonder why Sony felt the urge to fire a floor full of employees just so they could pay this guy to translate the book to script. Surely would’ve done it for 2 mill?

Haven’t read “Angels & Demons”, but from what I hear, it ain’t half the book that “Da Vinci” is. It reportedly sees Robert Langdon involved in a conflict with an ancient group, the Illuminati, and the Catholic Church. It is credited with being the first novel to contain ambigrams.

Assumingly, Tom Hanks will be back to reprise his role as Langdon in the film version – unless, of course, the studio comes to their senses and hires Harrison Ford like they should’ve all along.