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The one with the wrong Agent 99

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Howdy all, the boss man has gotten the night off, so he’s asked me to take a squiz in the letterbox for this week – let’s start off with something different shall we? Some letters from Holden perhaps……

Q. hey clint holden here get this i saw peak of the robin suit do you think really put robin as that would be really cool any way what they do is in stead of robin puting robin in the batman movie,s they should make there own robin movie he,s a man – Holden

Q. hey clint holden here darkman4 should come back to big screen we need to darkman i think that would really cool if saw the darkman one last that would be worth it see on big screen any how – Holden

Q.hey clint holden again i was still wondering about somkey and the bandit 4 do you think plan,s for the movie let,s hope so because that one of film,s of the 1970,s any how i hope sony picture,s pull it off soon because we need to see the bandit again any way – Holden

Q. hey clint holden here knight rider the movie should go with waner bors because i was thinking chris evans the one who played the huaman torch on fanstsic 4 should the michel knight and anoithy hopkins as devn jessica alba as bonny johnny deep as kitt any way think about that ine – Holden

Q. hey clint holden here superman returns 2 i still think they should still use zod because that one of best villans of all time kate beckinsale would make really cool zod any way that be really cool – Holden

Q. hey clint i had brain storm jon heder should be come wally west of the flash that would be so cool any way tell me what you think of that jon heder as the flash sweet – Holden

A. Robin? Check. Darkman? Check. Smokey & The Bandit? Check. Knight Rider? Check. Superman? Check. The Flash? Check. What, no Dukes Of Hazzard this week?

Q. Any studio pursuing the Metal Gear movie? Thanks Clint! – Bob
Yeah, still definitely a go at this point. Konami & Hideo Kojima are understandably protective of the franchise, so thankfully, it will probably end up with one of the big boys. Given the recent collapse of “Halo” due to financial constraints though, you might begin to wonder where something with the scale of any one of the “Metal Gear” games is gonna wind up.

Q. I really can’t believe that employ ‘Mark Bennett’. A fine example of an uneducated twit trying to offer his clearly expert views on climate change. Incredible. – Jas
You mean you went to his seminar? Mark’s a good guy my man, and like everyone else in the world, he’s got his own set of opinions which you can disagree with, but have to respect that they are his opinions. Take me for example, I fully support gay rights – there’s nothing better than two hot chicks getting it on, and I both encourage and respect their right to do so.

Q. Hey Dude, couple questions for you.
1, What’s the status on the “Arrested Development” Movie?? You think they’ll crank it out in the next few years??
2, I know Brandon Routh has the next Superman movie but does he have any other projects coming out or is Superman Returns Returns the only thing?
3,How do you think Alfonso Cuaran’s new movie “The Children of Men” will hold up??
Thanks, love the site like always.
– Chris
A. Hey brother – here’s what I can tell ya: 1). “Arrested” rumors are still making the rounds but I would say if it’s gonna happen, I would think that they would need to do it sooner rather than later. 2). The only thing that I’ve heard steadily about with Brandon is the planned adaptation of “World Of Warcraft”, but outside of that, it’s just the next Supes flick for the time being. 3). I think it’s going to do really well when it launches Stateside. I saw it a few weeks back, and was really impressed. Clive Owen is great in just about anything it seems.

Q. G’day Clint, I was wondering when the “Remington Steele” DVD region 4 series have been released in Australia yet if so where can I find them please. Also do you think there will ever be a re- release of “Never Say Never Again” with behind the scenes or with the making of. The last one when does Pierce Brosnan start on the film “SPY vs STU”. Thanks for your Past replies, doing a great Job. – Smurf
A. Nah, they haven’t released any “Remington” sets on DVD here in Oz as yet, but you can always grab them from overseas in the meantime. It would be nice to see an updated version of “Never” – I was sort of hoping that with the recent re-releases that MGM might have taken the opportunity to spruce up Connery’s second go round as 007 – but it wasn’t meant to be. Finally, as for “Spy vs. Stu”, I’d say it’s sometime after the other half a dozen films he’s currently attached to.

Q. Barbara Feldman played Agent 99 in “Get Smart” not Barbara Eden. – Mark
A. Yeah, you’re both wrong. Barbara Feldon played 99.

Q. Hey guys, just want to thank you for the passes to see “a guide to recognizing you saints”. It made me day as all i have been doing for the past 3 weeks is study study study. I don’t get it, why do i have to study when everyone else is at schoolies?? huh? guess its coz i is a dumass.. later dudes. – Ribs
A. Hmmm, yeah. Try hitting those English lessons a bit more in the meantime. (You’re welcome for the tickets by the way).

Q. Peter Jackson no longer directing the LOTR prequels, eh? The nerds will certainly be revolting! Not a very good idea studio guys. They know they’re gonna catch a ton of grief for this, right? At least Uwe Boll’s name hasn’t been mentioned. – Sean
A. Yeah, there’s definitely a lot of people upset about the news, but then again, there’s two sides to every story – just ask Sumner Redstone.

Q. My neighborhood and my family very excited to see Mario Lopez in the movie screen. He is really very georgous. We ordered all his old movies – “very very handsome” and nice talker. He got everything, his built, grace, just name it. He is also a vert nice person. Please do the remake for “Dirty Dancing” and let him played the leading man. We cannot get enough of him.
We also wish he can be host again of anything in television. He is also a very nice son.
Thank you.
– Tony
A. He is a good son, absolutely right. Maybe not the most faithful dude on the planet – after all, anyone who could manage to cheat on someone as hot as this during their honeymoon might have an issue or two.

Q. Since I didn’t score an invite to the TomKat wedding would you congratulate the happy couple for me? “Lions for Lambs” sounds promising for Tom. I even think Cruise and Bale is a better match up than Bale and Crowe on “3:10 to Yuma” as well as Cruise and Bana but that’s history. I will volunteer to be a Suri Nanny so Katie can start working. Will she do the Dark Knight?
Thanks Moviehole.
– Carter
A. Everyone that the boss & I speak to keeps telling us that Katie is in “Dark Knight” if just for the briefest of moments, so that’s what I’m sticking with until I hear otherwise.

Q. On the radio they said that Keira Knightley decided that “Pirates of the Caribbean 3” will be her last. I didn’t know Disney will keep going with this franchise? I thought they’re pursuing that stupid new Jungle Cruise franchise? What are they doing next? Space Mountain? – Nancy
A. I’ve only just started hearing all of this stuff about a continuation of “Pirates”, but I haven’t heard anything from the studio to indicate that they plan on pursuing it past “World’s End”, or whatever they end up calling it. It’s all a bit early for that talk at the moment anyway.

Q. Hey Clint, a struggling film-maker here with a few questions.
I heard a rumor about a year ago that Wolfgang Peterson might lose the contract to do the Ender’s Game movie. Is there any truth to this? The novel was very influential on my journey from Puberty into Adulthood and has had a direct influence on who I am today. With news that he’s writing out two very important characters, I am afraid that this will become a “Neverending Story” adaptation that is only a fragment of the original Story.
I read your review of “Casino Royale” and even though I will probably see the film before I get this answered, something is puzzling me. This is supposed to be the first mission James Bond goes on after becoming a 00 agent. Why is Dame Judi Dench (who is a marvellous actress don’t get me wrong) playing M? Normally I would shrug it off as part of the magic and timelessness of the James Bond series but Miss Dench became M after the cold war was over, and since Bond has had several different adventures during the cold war under different M’s, how is it worked. Honestly, the thing I am afraid of is the first (and unrelated) “Casino Royale” movie where James Bond becomes a rank in MI6. I am terrified that they are going to try and explain Bond’s changing faces and the ability to unage during the years might break the spell of the James Bond franchise. Any Insight you can give me would be excellent.
And one more question to round this out. How is Uwe Boll able to rope in the talent he gets for his (in my opinion anyway) below average films? I mean, his films have all been pretty much flops and very bad. A lot of film snobs I know (me included) often compare him to Ed Wood. Again, any answers you can give would be great.
– Danny
A. Phew – OK, as far as the “Ender’s” situation, anyone can lose the rights to a story if they hold on to it long enough – I don’t know a lot about the Wolfgang story with it, but I’m guessing the rights will eventually fall back into publisher’s hands. As for “Royale”, I’m extremely pissed that I still haven’t seen it, but as for the aging question – is it just me, or did they not say in one of the 007 films that the title of “007” had been transferred to various agents, or “James Bond” was just an identity given to certain people through the years? Can’t help you much with it until I see it for myself. Finally, Uwe self finances a lot of his productions, and apparently he pays a shit load of money for people to star in his films – I wouldn’t say he’s had a lot of “talent” in his films though…….

Q. If you are wondering who that Jonathan is on the newest “Survivor”, he was an actor who starred in the movie “Down Periscope”. He played a helms man who steered the sub with another guy who lost him money on the army navy basketball game. – Michael
A. Thanks for that indeed, and to the 20 other people who managed to relieve my frustration at where I’d seen that dude before. Funnily enough, out of all the shows / movies people mentioned in the e-mails, not one of them actually hit it on the head for me until I checked out IMDB – I remember him from “The Last Supper”, which, like a complete dumbass, I did a Retro Review on a few months back, and completely forgot about him being in it afterwards

Q. Chris Cooper? – Scott
A. That’s very nearly a question.

Q. Hey Clint, How reliable is your source that’s telling you Brainiac will be the villain in the “Superman Returns” sequel? I really like the idea and don’t want to get my hopes up if it’s all just a bunch of poppycock. – Jay
A. I think I told the boss that when I was pissed. Nah, from what I understand, it’s a pretty reliable source that gave us the name of Brainiac in the first place. You never know until the script gets written though.

Q. Where can we see the new rocky trailer? Nothing shows up in the news blurb and the offic. site still has the old one. – James
A. You can check it out right over here – really lookin’ forward to this one.

I heard Joss Whedon’s script was rejected over her in the states—-Is this true?…….Have you heard who they’re considering to write and direct it now? – Kevin

Q. Warner Brothers has rejected Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman script. Who do you think they’ll hire to write it now? – Michael
A. Relax boys & girls, Joss is still firmly behind the scenes on “Wonder Woman”. He recently chatted with “Entertainment Weekly” and admitted that he still hasn’t gotten it “down” as yet, but is still very actively working on it.

Q. G’day Clint i was wondering if you could tell me if Australia is going to see the unedited version of “Casino Royale” in cinema’s or if it is edited what are we missing? Also “November Man” with Pierce Brosnan – when does it start shooting. Thanks keep up the good work. – Smurf
A. No need to be concerned brother, we’re getting the same version of “Casino” that the guys across the pond have gotten. Not sure when “November” starts shooting though.

Q.Hi Clint. Keep up the stunning work my man. I am from South Africa. We sometimes receive movies up to 3 months after the US eg. “Crank” is still to be advertised let alone shown here. Do the distributors know about something called piracy – by not releasing movies within a reasonable amount of time, hurts their pockets and does not give a good indication of how well a movie could do in a certain country. A shame really. I believe that the length of lag time behind the US to release the movie is a major contributing factor to piracy. Are you guys looking at expanding the site to include top movies per week in the US and AUS. Its a pain to keep going to other sites when I love this one the most – Mano
A. I’m not sure how much piracy has to do with the lag time, but you’re right, it is annoying when you have to wait for a long time to catch something that you’ve been really looking forward to. I’m a huge fan of Zach Braff, and have been really looking forward to seeing “The Last Kiss”, but it looks as though I’ll have it on DVD before it gets released over here in February. As for the top 10 US, UK, Oz etc., I dunno….. I might start putting that in my column.

Q. Hi there. Last night I saw the movie “THE CONVENANT”.
This script is genuinely mine whom the producer copied I don’t know from where he got this but the original script belongs to me .I unfortunaly could registered it to WGA because I am not living in US. This socalled writer however got this from any source I don’t know he bent it a little & now caliming that this is his script I was shocked when I saw this on TV how people in movie business manipulate others . I can prove my calim of course some people have suspicion about my sanity But I am writing the truth on this plateform to let the world know. I know he is not the real artist it is his job to steal other’s work & pretend it as his. He could steal my script but could n’t steal the talent that I have. I feel really sorry for this loser But I promise to him that when ever I get the chance to Holly Wood i’ll show him what real talent is & i’ll make the movie on this script Any one who wants to get prove should contact me at this number +923XXXXXX I have also written a mail to the director & for the producers there is a tip I have written the second part of that also .Next time contact me if you need.
– Hassan
A. Well, with a well written letter like that, I’m not surprised you wrote that piece of shit. Can’t wait for the sequel.

Q. Hey Clint, love the site. Any word on the “Spider-Man 2.5” DVD what was talked about awhile back. Raimi promised more footage of the fight and a couple “special” things. I haven’t been able to find anything about it. Thanks. – Tom
A. I believe we’ll probably see the rumored 2.5 DVD sometime just before the release of Spidey 3. That’s when the first .5 edition of #1 hit, so look for it then.

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