Directors linked to Scanners and Saw IV


And E.T’s mother is now Laurie Strode’s mother!

As any regular reader of the site knows, I’m not the biggest fan of these incessant horror remakes. I don’t hate them, in fact, some of them are quite good – Didn’t mind what they did with “The Hills Have Eyes” and “When A Stranger Calls”, and back in the 80s, adored Cronenberg’s “The Fly” – but the thing is, they make money, they’re easier sells than dope-laced muffins, and they’re simpler to put together than an office desk so… they’re not going anywhere.

Next horror classic set to be cloned is – another Cronenberg film, funnily enough – “Scanners”, the ‘A scientist sends a man with extraordinary psychic powers to hunt others like him’ sci-fi classic from 1982.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Darren Lynn Bousman (“Saw 2”, “Saw 3”) has opted out of “Saw 4” (David Hacki will direct instead, says the site) to do “Scanners” V2.0 instead.

In other horror news, Rob Zombie revealed on his MySpace page that Michael’s mask in the “Halloween” remake will be pretty darn close to how it looked in the 1978 version. He also confirmed the casting of Pat Skipper (Scully’s older brother on “The X-Files”) as Laurie Strode’s father, Mason Strode, and Dee Wallace Stone (“E.T”) as Cynthia Strode, Laurie’s mother.

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