The Braff Update


News from the “Scrubs” star

Robbed!, he was robbed I say.
I of course refer to my favourite TV funny-man, Mr. Zach Braff, and his defeat to Alec Baldwin in the Golden Globes the other night, but he’s still great, and eventually these Awards-type shows will wake up and realise what gold they have in “Scrubs” – hopefully it’s soon, because the big rumour is that either there will be one more season, or this season (the sixth for those playing at home) will be the last one that sees Zach roaming the halls of Sacred Heart.

Anyhow – here’s the point of all this – Zach keeps a running blog over here, and also at Myspace about the particulars of his various goings on – tonight, he’s dropped some info on a handful of his current projects – check out these highlights, and head on over to check out the rest:

“Fast Track”:
“Hey, Zach, what happened to Fast Track?” a fan of mine might ask. This is what happened to “Fast Track”: None of the stars of the movie (me, Amanda Peet, Jason Bateman) are available at all right now to promote the movie. It was supposed to come out this week, but between promoting the Scrubs musical and shooting Scrubs and sleeping and doing all my other projects, it became impossible to get out there and plug it. And you can’t release a movie without the stars of it going out and telling the world about it.

Part 2: The studio always hated the title, because the movie has nothing to do with a fast track. Nothing to do with tracks or fastness at all. So since we moved the date they seized the opportunity to change the name to “The Ex”, since it is indeed about a nightmare ex-boyfriend (Jason Bateman) who tortures a current boyfriend, me (Zach Braff). So in short:

Fast Track = (Fast + Track) + (The + Ex) = “The Ex”
And will be coming to a theater near you Mid-March!

“Open Hearts”
Open Hearts is the next film I will direct. Just trying to figure out my 2007. The schedule keeps getting moved around (see above/below) so I’m not sure when yet. It will depend on Scrubs coming back and if I act in a movie in the spring.

Scrubs Coming Back?
Not sure yet. I would do another year if all the right pieces fall into place. For example: Bill Lawrence staying on as the creator/head writer, some scheduling tweaks, etc.. We will know more in the next month. But thank you all for all the nice things you say about the show. And yes, we do have as much fun making the show as it looks.

I don’t know on this yet either. Bill Lawrence is writing and directing Fletch in the spring and he wants me to play young Fletch, but no firm plans are in place yet. He is still writing the script.

The Scrubs Musical:
I am not bullshitting you when I tell you this might be the best ½ hour of television you will see this year. I know it’s weird for me to say that, since I’m in it, but I am just one part of it. The music, the dancing, the comedy writing, the emotion and drama at the end.. it’s really good. Please watch TONIGHT: Thursday, January 18th at 9pm eastern/pacific. Call the neighbors, call your lover, put the dog on your lap, grab some chips, put the Jenga game on hold and enjoy.