And the new Harvey Dent is….


Please, no “Smoking” in here

Finally…. We have our Two-Face.

After months and months of speculation – everyone from Liev Schrieber to Josh Lucas, Ryan Phillippe and recently, Jamie Foxx, has been rumoured for the role of the Gotham villain – Warner Bros has chosen their Harvey ‘Two Face’ Dent.

The winner in the Bat bingo? The oft-rumoured Aaron Eckhart – recently seen in the weak as piss “Black Dahlia”, and before that, “Erin Brocokovich” and “The Core” – a terrific actor that’s rarely given enough meaty parts to chew on. He won’t be getting bored on “The Dark Knight” though – as everyone knows, his character, D.A Harvey Dent, has quite the character arc. (In the film to follow ‘Knight’, Dent transforms into ‘Two Face’; so in essence, Eckhart will have a chance to play both a good guy and a bad guy in the one film series).

In Batman lore, Dent is the district attorney of Gotham City and an ally of Batman. After half his face is disfigured by acid, Dent becomes the insane crime boss known as Two Face. He chooses to do good or evil by flipping a coin. Tommy Lee Jones played the character in 1995’s “Batman Forever.”

“Knight” sees Christopher Nolan back in the director’s chair with Christian Bale reprising his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman are also returning. Heath Ledger joined the cast last summer, signing up to play the sardonic and murderous villain the Joker, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The script was written by Nolan’s brother, Jonathan, from a story by Christopher Nolan and David Goyer. Producing are Emma Thomas, Charles Roven and Christopher Nolan.

In recent times, Eckhart’s been showered with praise for his role in the satirical smokers spruik “Thank You for Smoking” (Didn’t love the film that much myself- though I will admit Eckhart was great in it) which nabbed him Golden Globe and Spirit Award nomination. He no doubt landed on Warner’s radar following that…. Or did he?

A few years back, you may recall, Warner was toying with the idea of bringing Frank Miller’s “Batman : Year One” to the big screen. And do you remember who was rumoured to be the frontrunner for Commissioner Gordon? Yup, Eckhart.

Interestingly enough, Batman-On-Film ran a poll recently asking who fans would like to see play Dent/Two Face. The winner by a huge margin? (60% of the votes) Aaron Eckhart.

Warner again may have proven themselves friends of the web.