Kidman and Watts’ getting the Nip/Tuck treatment


As in, they’re teaming for a new Ryan Murphy pic

Best buddies – and at one stage, competitors on the audition circuit – Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts are teaming up for “Need”, the new film from “Nip/Tuck” sheriff, Ryan Murphy.

According to Variety, the sexy thriller will cast them as archenemies: Watts will play a psychiatrist, Kidman the unstable patient who steals the shrink’s husband.

Though some are inaccurately calling it Kidman and Watts’ first film together, Aussies know better : who can forget the blondie and reddie as those prissy private schoolgirls in the 1990 drama “Flirting”?

Meantime, the trade also announced Murphy will stay on as showrunner for a fifth season of FX’s top-rated “Nip/Tuck.” At the same time, he’ll exclusively develop series with 20th Century Fox — which includes a first-look deal with Fox Broadcasting.

Murphy, who made his feature directing debut on an adaptation of the Augusten Burroughs memoir “Running With Scissors,” has several other high-profile feature assignments in the offing. They include directing Julia Roberts in a Paramount adaptation of the Elizabeth Gilbert memoir “Eat, Pray, Love” and helming Meryl Streep in “Dirty Tricks,” a Paramount Vantage drama about Watergate eccentric Martha Mitchell. Both of those films will be produced by Plan B’s Pitt and Gardner.