Why Michell snubbed 007


The script wasn’t to his liking, he explains

Even before “Casino Royale” had been released, news outlets were spruiking the 22nd James Bond movie – the one due out in a couple of years – and speculating who’d be directing.

One name that came up frequently around that time was Roger Michell (“Notting Hill”, “Venus”) whom, considering his back catalogue, would seem a rather odd choice.

Talking to HIT, Michell mentioned that he was offered the Bond film – but despite the fact that he would’ve liked to have worked with his old friend, Daniel Craig – but ultimately passed on it, because he didn’t like the script.

“We couldn’t find a way of making us all happy with the script. It’s been through various drafts, but I just decided to say no before I got too far into it”, Michell says. “As far as I know, it’s absolutely up for grabs at the moment”.