All Good Walker’s Go To Heaven

“Eight Below” star headlining romantic thriller

It only made about as much money as you’ll find in a public laundromat washing machine after an hour, but the little-seen action/thriller “Running Scared” (2005) did one thing – it showed us that Paul Walker can act, and isn’t just a male model hiding within the frames of fluffy features.

Walked rocked that movie. He was cool, edgy, and gave a great performance. He was so great in the film, in fact, that Quentin Tarantino called the young actor – who before that was known for his roles in films “The Fast and the Furious” and “Joyride” – to congratulate him on his performance.

The “Pulp Fiction” director wasn’t the only one who saw the film – obviously director John Glenn (not the first American to orbit into space) did too, because he’s just cast the talented young actor in a film that sounds like it swims in the same thematic waters… “The Heaven Project”.

According to Variety, director Glenn (he’s also writing the remake of “Clash of the Titans”) envisioned Walker in the lead role of a man stripped of everything he loves, who must overcome great obstacles to get his life back together.

The film re-teams Walker with “Eight Below” producers and Mandeville partners David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman.

Shooting begins April 15 in Canada.

No word on whether Tarantino has plans for the youngster – or he just likes getting peoples hopes up.

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