Sherry Baby Loves Batman


Maggie Gyllenhaal sworn in to “The Dark Knight”

Warner Bros confirmed this morning that they have indeed hired Maggie Gyllenhaal to replace Katie Holmes in the new “Batman” sequel, “The Dark Knight”.

Gyllenhaal has been rumoured to be taking over the role of D.A Rachel Dawes for a few weeks now.

As far as I know – and granted, I haven’t spoken to my source for a few months now, so it could’ve changed – Dawes doesn’t appear in the film for very long. If anything, it’s an elongated cameo. With Gyllenhaal onboard though, you’d suspect they might have beefed up the role a tad. After all, it’s a waste of a fine actresses time otherwise – especially someone of Gyllenhaal’s caliber – and they’d still planned to only have Dawes in the film fleetingly, a mere ‘Holmes’ look-a-like could’ve filled the spot.