Baywatch : Season 1 (DVD)

Baywatch : Season 1 (DVD)

“Baywatch” should have been outlawed from exhibition. It was bad TV – really bad. So bad… you just had to tune in the next week to see what happened next.

David Hasselhoff, Peter Phelps, Erika Eleniak, Billy Warlock, Brandon Call, Parker Stevenson

“Baywatch” should have been outlawed from exhibition. It was bad TV – really bad. So bad… you just had to tune in the next week to see what happened next.

Everything about this show resembled crack – the cheesy Hasselhoff-sung theme song; the slow-mo running sequences, and especially, the performances – but you couldn’t help but go back for more… especially if you’re part German.

While his previous series “Knight Rider” was a weekly platter of cheese, too, creator David Hasslehoff’s “Baywatch” was something else – almost a 42-minute video-clip that got hold of your brain every week and transfixed you to the box. It was seemingly well, out of our hands; kinda like what happened in “Josie and the Pussycats” when the general public found themselves secretly seduced into buying things because of the subliminal messages in music. This was a little different in that the main thing we were buying into was the fact that a tall, hairy chubby guy could rescue anyone and everyone at a moment’s notice – – – and that not one cheeky kid on the beach tried to go for gropes on Pammy. Still, same kind of thing.

Granted, the first season of “Baywatch” wasn’t as heavy on the cheese or boobs – you can hear the network screaming down the phone come season 2 renewal “More cheese, More boobs!” – as the latter seasons were; in fact, it was almost a pretty decent show. Some of the storylines made sense, and though the performances were never fabulous – some of the gang this season were quite OK. Erika Eleniak, Billy Warlock, and most notably, Australia’s Peter Phelps, were the standouts that season – they all end up leaving around the time the network ordered the extra “cheese” and extra “boobs” (Enter Pamela Anderson). It was another of these shows that started out as something, and in order to continue, was forced to change its format a tad. Whatever works, I guess?

The entire first season – yep, all the “classic” episodes; including the rare network pilot “Panic at Malibu Pier” – is here. There’s also an episode from Season 2 on here, too.

Re-live the unfathomable craze that was “Baywatch”.

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Reviewer : Clint Morris


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