Peter Petrelli’s Pathology


“Heroes” star snags first lead role in major film

I’m absolutely bowled over at how fast Milo Ventimiglia’s star is rising – he seems to be getting around quicker than that speed-machine Tony Hopkins’ invented in ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’ – he’s experiencing a truly remarkable blast of interest from Hollywood.

From “American Dreams” he went to “Gilmore Girls”; from there he went directly into “The Bedford Diaries” – in between he shot a little stinker called “Cursed”, but lets leave that one out of the sphere for the moment – and after that, of course, TV super-hit “Heroes”, in which he plays lead gifted do-gooder Peter Petrelli.

“Heroes” has done wonders for all its cast – Masi Oka and Ali Larter to name but two regulars experiencing a downpour of offers right now – but especially Ventimiglia. He was chosen to replace Stallone’s own son, Sage, in “Rocky Balboa” – here’s hoping Sage and Milo doing walk through the same revolving door at one time – which he was just terrific in, and now, he’s won his first major lead role in a film.

Produced by Lakeshore, “Pathology” is a thriller about a group of med students who hatch a scheme to see who can commit the perfect crime — one that even a fellow pathologist couldn’t unravel.

Ventimiglia has lead billing over Johnny Whitworth, Lauren Lee Smith and Alyssa Milano. Mark Scholermann directs the movie.

There was some scuttlebutt a couple of months ago suggesting that Ventimiglia was being eyeballed to possibly take over the “Rocky” series – as in, his character would be the next one to pick up the gloves – but I’d say that idea will probably get the birdie from the young actor, judging by how well everything’s going for the moment. Something to fall back on though.