Interview : Nadia Bjorlin


Star of the high-octane actioner “Redline”

Most probably know Nadia Bjorlin from either her work on TV soapie “Days of Our Lives” or for those unremitting “Wonder Woman” rumours that have her placed in the Wonder-bra. Now, get ready for Nadia Bjorlin – Rev-Head, as she stars in the high-octane actioner “Redline” opposite Australia’s Nathan Phillips.

How did you get involved in “Redline”?
I heard about this movie from industry friends and it sounded like a really fun project and I wanted to get involved. Before I knew it, I had the fearless female lead and it turned into something bigger than I thought!

Did you have to learn how to drive [fast and mean] for the film?
Well, I’ve always had a bit of a lead foot! I’ve never been afraid to drive fast, so I think this character was a natural fit. But, of course we had to take a stunt-driving course to learn how to handle these sophisticated cars, and also learn how to slide cars, do reverse 180s, and fun things like that!

Did you watch any films [like “Fast and the Furious”] in preparation for the role?
I had already seen a lot of those films, but Redline set out to stand out of the crowd. First, this film features cars that have rarely or never been seen by people. The most high end exotic cars in the world; and you get to really see them in action. Secondly, I loved that Redline wanted the “hero” to be a strong female; showing that women do take an interest, and are excelling, in the racing world; even though it’s a male dominated industry.

Nathan Phillips has nothing but praise for you… how did you find working with him?
I love Nathan! He was such a pleasure to work with. He is fun, laid back, easy going, cool and just made working fun. We had a lot of laughs on set. I wish him nothing but the best.

Were you more exhausted coming home after doing a day on this, than say, filming “Days of Our Lives”?
Yeah, it was a pretty stressful time, but it was also the best time of my life. Everyone from the cast to crew on this film had such great attitudes, that it was fun working even on 3 hours of sleep! We became such a family and everyone was very supportive. That can be a very rare thing to have on a set, and I was grateful for it.

How was Eddie Griffin on the set? Was he the “prankster” of the bunch?
Eddie Griffin has more energy than anyone I’ve ever met. He is so funny! He’s a comedic genius and also a very smart man. He’s very well read and educated. I guess the best comedians probably are very bright to be so sharp. He was definitely the one who kept everyone laughing, and I really learned a lot from watching him.

How much do you know about cars now that you’ve done the movie?
A hell of a lot more then when I started! I really learned to appreciate how the cars are constructed and how they operate. It’s like incredible art with monster engines! It was an invaluable experience to be allowed to drive so many fantastic cars.

I have to ask you…. about the “Wonder Woman” rumours. Have you talked with anyone about them? Is it something you’d be interested in?
It is definitely something I’m interested in. I own every Wonder Woman episode! Lynda Carter was an incredible Wonder Woman, and I’d be honored to try to fill those shoes….or tights, rather! [Laughs] As of now, there is no script or director in place, but when they find those, I hope I’m still in consideration.

Were you flattered to discover just how much support your fans are throwing your way in terms of “Wonder Woman”?
I was, and still am, extremely flattered over the support! I would hope that I could make all the supporters proud one day, but we’ll see, I guess. I really do appreciate it though, and I want everyone to know that their opinions and support really do matter and help. I believe that people listen to what fans want, so don’t think it’s hopeless when you want to get your voice heard. Then let’s just hope that they want to stick to the real Wonder Woman comic character instead of reinventing it. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Can you tell us what else you’re up to at the moment?
Besides promoting my film “Redline”, my next project is the “Sonny Liston Story” opposite Ving Rhames. I’m very excited to work on this biopic with such a brilliant actor. I’ll keep you updated!