Various News Items – 9/4/07


Green Arrow movie, Zombie movie, Leo movie, Chris Tucker movie

With Clint out of action, there’s really no need to “rant” and get all “opinionated” – he seems to do that best – over the following stories, so lets just play ‘catch up’ with some of the days happenings.

When one just isn’t enough….

From the Trades (Variety, The Hollywood Reporter)

– Leonardo DiCaprio will star in the Ridley Scott-directed “Body of Lies”, in which he will play an ex-journalist-turned CIA agent who’s sent to Amman to work with Jordan’s intelligence chief to track an Al Qaeda leader rumored to be planning attacks against America.
– Universal has announced “Fiasco Heights”, a new Michael Bay-produced thriller. Story, which occurs in a stylized “hyper-real” noir environment akin to that of “Sin City,” centers on a notorious hitman who teams with a failed private eye in search of a missing woman and an invaluable briefcase.
– Jared Padalecki (“Supernatural”) will star as painter Thomas Kinkade in the biopic “The Christmas Cottage.”
– Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta and Sean Penn will star in “Crossing Over”, a new Weinstein Co drama about illegal immigrants in the U.S from writer/director Wayne Wang.
– Stephen Moyer has been cast opposite Anna Paquin in HBO’s new Vampire series “True Blood” created by Alan Ball.
– Erika Christensen and David Cross have joined the cast of the new Jason Biggs sitcom, “I’m in Hell”.
– Mario Lopez, Johnny Lewis, Christina Milian and Robert Ri’chard have been tapped to star in the CW comedy pilot “Eight Days a Week”.
– Freddie Prinze Jr and Leslie Bibb will star in the comedy pilot “Atlanta”, which revolves around a man (Prinze) and woman (Bibb) who meet at a funeral and can’t seem to stay away from one another.

From Elsewhere around the Web – or from here

Wizard Magazine spoke to David Goyer who confirmed he’s directing a “Green Arrow” movie. The new film will be called “Super Max” and will centre on a wrongly convicted Green Arrow being whisked away to the super max prison for out-of-control heroes and villains.
Cinematical says Charlize Theron may be in “White Jazz”.
– After Dark’s Courtney Solomon tells that he’s prepping a new zombie film. “It’s a cross between humans and zombies, with a whole new lore and a whole new take on zombies – the powers they have and how fast they move. They’re no longer shambling. They are fast, furious and dangerous and they have a whole emotional side to them and conflict. It’s a completely different take on zombies than anybody’s done.”
BlackFilm has pics up of Eva Mendes and the cast of “Live!” says that a “Sin City” TV series is in the works. No doubt it’ll feature all new actors.
– Chris Tucker is set to reprise his role as ‘Smokie’ in the next “Friday” sequel, says Ice Cube.
– Kirsten Dunst talks about being cast as Debbie Harry in the upcoming biopic on the Blondie singer.
– Despite rumours that Will Ferrell’s not interested, Rotten Tomatoes says that a sequel to “Old School” will indeed still happen. Granted, producer Ivan Reitman says he still plans on getting “all” the cast back, has a report on “Why Grindhouse failed” at the box-office this past weekend.
Rumours are circulating that Angelina Jolie hasn’t been cast in “Sin City 2” at all.
– A website for Starship Troopers 3 is online here. Its run by the same chap who did the amazing site a couple of years back.
– “National Treasure II” is filming at a Mall. Click here for further details.
Netribution says the long-awaited “Transpotting” sequel is going to go ahead – Ewan McGregor or no Ewan McGregor.