DVD Interview : Joe Carnahan


Talks about “Smokin’ Aces” and the upcoming, “White Jazz”

Clint here. Had a chance to talk to Smokin’ Joe Carnahan this morning, about the “Smokin’ Aces” DVD, and he was kind enough to update on us on some of his future endeavors – and whether local boy Guy Pearce will be involved with one of them in particular.

First of all, “Smokin’ Aces”. If the film didn’t have the cast it does, would it have been harder to get made? Would the studio have made it with a lesser- known ensemble?
I doubt it. I think that cast is what got me the money I did get which was right around 20 million. A lot of money by most standards, low-budget by studio standards. That’s why I was able to get away with a lot of the wild stuff in that film.

Who was attached from the get-go?
Nobody. The cast was built from scratch. Ray Liotta was gonna be in their somewhere. I just didn’t know where.

What did you like about Ryan Reynolds?
Ryan has great depth and humanity. He’s sense of humor gives him an amenability that’s instantly engaging.

Does the film get a longer cut on DVD?
It does no. I was very happy with the theatrical version of the movie.

What are some of your favorite DVDs? Anything you especially like because of the ‘extras’?
Raging Bull is a big one. Great extras, great in-depth stuff with Scorsese. I love the ‘Se7en’ DVD as well. Same thing. Great behind-the-scenes stuff. I love ‘Yojimbo’ ‘Citizen Kane’ The Kubrick Collection. The Cassavettes Collection.

Speaking of, what can we expect – in terms of extras – on the “Smokin’ Aces” DVD?
The alternate ending which is the original scripted ending. A bunch of great deleted scenes and some of the best little behind-the-scenes docs I’ve ever seen on a DVD. They’re really great extras.

You were a producer on the film as well – what did that entail?
I wasn’t really a producer. The folks at Working Title, namely Liza Chasin and Eric Fellner did all the heavy-lifting for me.

How’s “White Jazz” coming along? Have you spoken to local boy Guy Pearce about coming back as Ed Exley?
White Jazz is shooting in November. Guy and I met and unfortunately, due to some prior rights/ownership stuff revolving around L.A Confidential, I will not be able to use the Exley character in White Jazz. I’m pretty bummed because I was looking forward to trying to lure Guy back in.

Is anyone else attached to “Jazz” besides George Clooney?
Nobody yet. Just a wish list I will start picking off with Sniper-like precision over the summer.

What’s the latest on “Bunny Lake is Missing”?
She’s missing completely.

SMOKIN’ ACES hits DVD next Week