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From Danny : Hey Clint (and Moviehole Familia).. ever get the feeling that most “Movie Fans” these days are Hypocrites? “The industry is shit!” … “No more Sequels!” … “Originality is Dead” … “Don’t remake [movie] that is fucked! The original is Brilliant / Fucked up enough” … Then no one goes to see “Grindhouse”.
Nah, not so much. I’m never really interested in remakes myself unless they have a really different take on the original, but I did always enjoy a good sequel. I think everyone who was talking about “Grindhouse” before it opened did go & see it, but from what I understand, the marketing in the U.S. for the film was horrible. I heard lots of reports that people were actually leaving the theatre after “Planet Terror”, not realizing that there was another film coming up. I hate the idea that the Weinsteins have for splitting it up everywhere else in the world, and doing the same thing on DVD – I know that if it’s in that format when it does eventually hit here (and I already have word that it’s going straight to DVD in Australia), I absolutely won’t be seeing it – why should I pay close to 30 bucks for 2 separate films in the cinema, and then 60 bucks on DVD? – Adam

From Neal : Clint, First off, love the site. It’s the first place I come to for movie news. I was wondering if you had seen the new trailer to “Live Free or Die Hard”. If so, what’s your opinion on it? I think it looks like it has good action but the story looks….dare I say, mediocre. That’s all I got, keep the news coming!
Yeah, I’ve seen it. Y’know, I was surprised when I dug around a bit on “With A Vengeance” and found out a shit load of people haaattteeeddd it – I know I really liked it, but then again, it’s a “Die Hard” film, so I was always gonna love it. With that in mind – you’re always looking for the wife-beater and the balding Bruce in a “Die Hard” flick, and this seems to be lacking that so far, but for me, I was a big fan of the two “Underworld” flicks, so it’s good to see Len Wiseman getting a shot at John McClane – and the fact that Timothy Olyphant is the villain in it has me looking forward to it even more. – Adam

From Patrick : Hey Clint, I’ve been wondering what ever happened to the “Batman vs. Superman” movie that WB was so ecstatic about making. There was a lot of talk about it, and last I heard Wolfgang Petersen was supposed to direct it, but I haven’t heard anything else for a few years. You know what’s going with it?
Absolutely nothing happening with it at the moment. It was all announced, Wolfgang was Directing it from a great script by Andrew Kevin Walker, the casting rumours started going around – but then the studio decided they wanted to try & reboot both franchises on their own before considering the team-up idea. I heard recently – and I believe it was the guys over at JoBlo that brought up a story (sorry if that’s wrong whoever had it) that Christian Bale was signed for 3 “Batman” flicks, and one of those may include the aforementioned flick – no official word on that though. – Adam

From Stacey : Just wanted to say that I was excited about the news of “The Ruins” being made into a movie. I read the book last summer and if the movie sticks to the book it’s going to be very depressing because **LARGE SPOILERS REMOVED – If you want to know that badly, go and read the book – it is excellent – Weeksy**. I’m not sure how scary vines that attack people will be, but the book is a good read. Hopefully the movie will be the same.
Yeah – as I said, great book, so I’m looking forward to it as well…..ummm, I guess that’s about it. – Adam

From Melanie : I’m reading this controversial stuff about Anne Hathaway in the movie “Becoming Jane”? Is it because she’s American? It reminds me of what happened with Dunst in “Marie Antoinette”.
Controversial stuff….. Ummmm, OK – yes, it’s because she’s American. – Adam

From Holden : hey clint i think orlando bloom should play for the next superman returns sequel i think he should play as genarel zod he make really cool zod any way i vote for genarel zod

From Holden : hey clint are they going speed 3 movie keaun revees going to return in it and another remake of another cartoon captin planet that be cool to see any way

From Holden: hey clint one big question for ya are they going to make 9 halloween movie,s this time or or 15 just curious by the way the remake look,s really wild to me it look,s like a old fashion movie like the 1970,s was back old day,s that,s the way to do it because that,s good film makeing

From Holden : hey clint i was thinking about mad max4 now are going cast a new actor for the roll for mad max and too i think they should get eric bana as mad max he make really cool max

From Trevor : I know “Spider-Man 3” hasn’t hit theatres in North America yet but there has been a lot of talk about a # 4 which is crazy at this point in time. Yes, # 3 will make a lot of money but would Marvel really rush # 4 without all the main people involved in the previous 3 that made them such a success? Director Sam Rami has been linked to a Hobbit movie; Kirsten Dunst – No Rami no Dunst; Tobey McGuire – Would return if he was given a lot of $$$ but there is a lot of talk of replacing him. It seems that Marvel would like a # 4 made ASAP. Sequels should only be made If they are better than the previous film. (I know that’s never the case anymore) but having a # 4. In my opinion without all the names mentioned above defeats the purpose of making a # 4. Remember those awful “Batman” sequels? I shudder at the thought of those films being a “Spider-Man” reality.
Yeah, I agree, if they do end up making a fourth flick without the main cast from the previous three, it’ll probably fall over pretty quickly. “Batman Forever” did pretty well at the box office, but being at the time it was released, Jim Carrey & Nicole Kidman were both huge, Tommy Lee Jones was still riding high from “The Fugitive”, and Val Kilmer was… well, he was Val Kilmer. “Batman & Robin” was shitty though – obviously. Even with all that in mind, I’m hearing extremely mixed word on “Spider-Man 3” so far, but all tend to be in agreement that it’s not a patch on part two. – Adam

From Megan : Hey, always interested in what websites people who run film websites themselves like to visit – what do you recommend? Just the usual? “Ain’t It Cool”?
Ummmm, there’s really a whole bunch of sites that Clint & myself both look at religiously – combined, we both check out “JoBlo”, “IESB”, “Bloody Disgusting”, “CHUD”, “Coming Soon”, “Cinemablend”, “AICN”, “Variety”, “IGN” etc. For myself with “The Weeksly Late Edition”™, sites like “IMDB”, “Fangoria”, “Watch With Kristin”, “TV Shows on DVD”, “TV Guide” & “” are invaluable.

OK, now, some of you may already be aware that a bunch of great guys that we all know and love have recently gotten themselves involved with a new movie project. Specifically, we’re talking about Dave Davis (JoBlo), Patrick Lussier (“White Noise 2: The Light”), Tyrese Gibson (“Transformers”) & (drum-roll please)…… “Hollywood Movie Star” Clint Morris (“Aquaintance of Weeksy”), called “Condition Dead”, which is being made under Tyrese’s production company, “HQ Pictures”. Dave wrote the script, “which centers on an elite team of government-subsidized zombie-hunters who are mysteriously ambushed by a viscous new breed of zombie”, and I’m sure we all wish them the best of luck with the project – here’s some of the feedback so far:

From Trev : Clint, “Sand and Sky”. “Howl”. “Rampage”. “Dead Country”. “Under Siege 3”. “Condition Dead”. 5 other movies or something. You rock. Why don’t you ever TALK about any of this on the page? It’s like you have a secret identity or something!
I know, his lack of self-publicity shames me greatly – I know that I’m such a friggin’ whore that if it was me, I’d have banners running across the top of the site everyday proclaiming how great I was. But yes, he’s got lots in the works. – Adam

From Colin : Hey Boys, Where’s Clint’s big mention for “CONDITION DEAD”? The other producer on the project has his name everywhere -speaking of which, where’s the Tyrese movie “12TH MAN” at?
Well, we just did it. “12th Man” is apparently still moving forward – Tyrese is producing it, and casting should begin shortly. – Adam

From Procrastinating Producer : Clint, You know who here. Good to see “CD” has got up. You should mention it. Keep up the good work. Oh, and before everyone goes out and spends their money on it…. skip “Spider-Man 3”! It sucked!!
There’s one of those mixed reports I was talking about…… – Adam

From Jess : “In the tradition of Cameron’s ‘Aliens’?” That’s cocky. Who came up with that one? NOTHING can beat “Aliens”.
You’re wrong. Sigourney Weaver beat Aliens four times.
Is it really cocky to say that something is in the tradition of another film? – I remember “Goodfellas” being described as in the tradition of “The Godfather” films…. But aside from all that, I loves me some tasty Zombie flicks. – Adam