Director found for Magneto spin-off!


Comic fans will be happy with this one

I hated “X-Men 3”. Hated it. I’d rather sip blended snot through the straw of one of Courtney Love’s drinking cups than sit through it again. I just thought it was a travesty…. A total waste of Tommy Rothman’s money; and a blemish on what was otherwise a brilliant series of films.

I’ve got to be totally honest and say I never thought we’d see another good “X-Men” [Universe] movie again. It sounds like Brett Ratner, the guy who screwed up “X-Men 3” (or “X-Men : I can’t Stand” as it should’ve been titled), has pretty much sewn up the deal to direct “Wolverine”, starring Hugh Jackman, so chances of it being good are slim to none.

Some good news, though. A guy who might be able to turn this ‘all around’ has signed on to direct the “Magneto” movie!

David Goyer, the comic-book loving writer/director/fanboy of “Blade”, “Batman Begins” and “The Flash” (well, he would’ve been involved in The Flash had Warners decided his script was too creative… and wouldn’t sell enough toys), has been roped into calling the shots on the spin-off.

The project, which is in the early stages of development, focuses on a young Magneto, the villain of the “X-Men” movies, and his friendship with a young Professor X, and how the two eventually became mortal enemies. The characters would not be played by Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart, who originated them in the series, but by actors in their 20s.

Goyer will be working off a script by Sheldon Turner, says Variety.

So this is great news. The only negative is that the “Wolverine” movie (granted, if they get someone else to do it besides Ratner… we may be in luck!) will be out before “Magneto”…. But this is Hollywood, things change everyday. Heck, yesterday… I found Hilary Duff attractive… I even thought “Bobby” would scoop the Oscars… and Tom Sizemore would find good work again.