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Rodriguez directing Jetsons movie?

His son, Rocket..

I tell ya, I’ve been hearing about “Jetsons” movie since about as long as O.J’s been living a lie. Rumours of a live-action version of the Hanna Barbera classic have been latching onto the IS highway since the days of well, Corona’s Coming Attractions – who, back-then, seemed to have a new rumour relating to the project, up every week (At one time I believe I read that Charles Grodin was set to play George and Danny DeVito was set to play Spacely) for our pleasure.

A year or two back, there was finally a bit of concrete news on the project – which I assume was delayed because of the debacle that was another Hanna Barbera-esque film spin-off “The Flintstones” and notably, “The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas” – with Adam Shankman (“Bringing Down the House”) announced as the film’s writer.

Now, Latino Review reports that the film may have jumped ahead a few spots – – – with the king of all things effectsy, Robert Rodriguez (“Sin City”) possibly signing on to direct the thing.

Seems like an unlikely choice for the project, but you gotta admit, an interesting one. For a start, the film would look great. And as long as he doesn’t use “Shark Boy and Lava Girl” as his inspiration… I’m all for it.

According to the site, Rodriguez will be doing the film sooner-rather-than-later too – possibly even hoping on board ‘that crazy thing’ before “Sin City 2” gets underway.

After the risky and unsuccessful “Grindhouse” Rodriguez is going to be looking for something a little safer – something that’s destined to make money – so it’s probable that he would be chasing something like this.

Aint it Cool talked to Rodriguez today following the news who said it’s not a sure-thing, yet.

Harry over there says, “He tells me that Warners brought him a whole host of things to take a look at, and the one he was curious about was THE JETSONS, he has not signed to make it his next film, but he is curious about the project, and depending on how the script comes along, he may or may not make the film. But no ink is apparently anywhere near being put into the pen that would eventually be placed into his hand, for the contract that has yet to be set into the motion of negotiation, that would result into an agreement that this pen, which does not exist, would be signing.”

So… the question would then remain… who to play the spacely family? Would they go to the oft-rumoured Grodin (bit too old now, me thinks) and DeVito (still could work)? Or would Rodriguez cast some of his ‘regulars’? Whatever the case, Danny Trejo’s certain to have a part… somewhere.

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