Caffeinated Clint – 17/05/07


Incorporating ‘Mailbag’ this week

I’m on the move as we speak. The laptop is jumpy. It’s hard to type. There’s a cup of fizz to the left that’s threatening to spill. Sounds like I’m getting head from a Qantas stewardess or something, not the case…. Lets progress…. to bug me, just head on over to my MySpace page.

Caffeinated Clint on…. TV renewals and cancellations

It’s a big week for TV here. I’ve essentially been surrounded by people this week who are obsessed with the whole ‘what’s staying, what’s going’ festivities of up-front week. And for the first time I feel slightly emotionally connected to the cause too…. If only because a couple of my favourite shows have had dark clouds hanging over them.

Veronica Mars”. Love it. Love Kristen (also love the support cast, if someone doesn’t snap Jason Dohring up for a film real soon, I’ll be surprised). Love the writing. Love the storylines. Love how fuckin’ funky it is. Just about to watch the TIVO-ed “I know what You Did Last Summer” episode from earlier this week. I hear its great. I hear next week’s season finale is even better. Sad then that it looks like it’s the end for the show. Creator Rob Thomas did pitch to the CW his idea for what the fourth season could be – Flash-forward to the future and have it fix on Veronica as an FBI agent – and they apparently liked it, but it wasn’t on CW’s schedule when it was announced today. Some – like my buddy Michael Ausiello at TV Guide – say there’s still a possibility they may include it (later on), but I think it’s looking less and less likely. For the love of god, will someone SAVE the spunkiest fox on TV? A webmaster without wood is like a, well, fire without wood. It’s a necessity.

The other show I was keeping a close eye on was “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip’. Really enjoy the show. Think its great. I understand though that a lot of people haven’t enjoyed it (big hi to Pete!), because it’s a little too in-jokey and not riddled with the laughs they expect, but I think it’s a refreshing hour of drama. I see it as a “West Wing” for people who couldn’t give a shit about politics… but do know what “Saturday Night Live” is. Anyway, that’s gone. “Studio 60” has been put of business.

You know what else I’m disappointed didn’t survive? “Drive”. Man, that should had real potential, but FOX didn’t give it long enough to build up an audience… they axed it before it could even garner interest or develop a following. Four episodes in and its gone. Nathan Fillion’s not going to be going near the network again – not after what they did to “Firefly” and now this.

To check out what’s been renewed and what hasn’t , click here

Caffeinated Clint on….the Internet Sites Vs. Studios Debate.

Last week, I waxed lyrical about the whole studio/internet-site relationship. It’s a fickle one. Some studios – like, say Warner Bros – love the Internet, others, aren’t so fond of it. Ask any webmaster and they’ll usually tell you they have a beef with at least one studio or distributor – and most of the times, you’ll find they’re different places/people. Got a great lot of feedback on my rant, but I thought you guys would be most interested in hearing from some of the studio publicists that emailed in…. here are their thoughts on the whole give-take scenario of webby’s and PR.

“Hey Clint,
We’ll you can guarantee we here at ******* pictures, will NEVER treat you, NOR any of the other internet sites out there like you say one of the studios there does. That’s just wrong. It isn’t uncommon though; some studios just plain old hate the internet. They haven’t adopted it yet. It will come back to bite them on the ass. As you know, we believe in helping you out… and then you’ll help us out. And I can honestly say I’m happy with the amount of coverage Moviehole has given all the ***** pics’ this year. Thanks. And keep up the good work. Screw that other studio/s”

Just read your always-entertaining column! You’re very funny! Never knew you didn’t get any Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Interviews. You definitely should have been included. You’re too nice – play like the others and ring and blast us if we don’t include you in anything like that. Sometimes publicists need to be reminded… or kicked in the pants. Probably just a simple mistake on the Aussie end”.

We love you here at **** films. Whoever doesn’t work with Moviehole is missing out big time. You’ve given us great coverage. I can’t tell you how much that person/studio that won’t deal with you guys is shooting themselves in the foot. Ouch. See you at Comic Con!”

“Hey Clint,
Just read your column. I loved your thoughts on the PR/Internet collaboration. We DO need to work together. Unfortunately, some DON’T. Some people WILL take advantage of their position of power (As they see it). Heck, I would – and I’ve been known to – beg you to come to a media screening, or have someone cover one of our releases! I personally believe WE need YOU as much as you need US. Look forward to having dinner with MR MOVIEHOLE in California soon, see ya spunk!”.

“Mate, you’re spot on with the give-take scenario you mentioned in Caffeinated Clint last week. As I said to you in L.A, I’m appalled that there’s still a couple of studios that won’t deal with Moviehole …. Or the net in general. By not including you guys in on interviews or media screenings they’re burning themselves alive! What, you guys get about 8 million hits or something? They’re crazy. Their loss. Those EPKs your requested are on their way – should be their today, pal.”

“I’m happy to say, I think we have a good relationship with you here at *** home entertainment. Moviehole rocks. It amazes me why some people still exclude the internet – but it does happen. Another Sydney-based website told me they got left out of something recently too… so it’s nothing new… but Moviehole is huge here in Australia… you’d think you’d get a bit more respect. You guys will be making or breaking movies soon;”.

“As long as you still love me, Clint? I’m your favourite publicist still, right?”

“Re : Caffeinated Clint. And on that note buddy, ANYTHING you guys ever need don’t hesitate to ask. We, for one, LOVE the Internet. And I gotta tell you, your reviews are always spot-on brother… coming to Comic Con?”.

“Saw your bit on the site Clint. We love you here in Burbank! Look forward to our catch-up soon! Those Aussie studios – I assume they’re Aussie? – are crazy. MOVE TO AMERICA. All the studios here love you. I was just talking to ****** **** who said you’re audience is getting bigger by the minute. You need to totally relocate!”.

Not gonna happen, but thanks. Good to know the internet’s still got some studio’s out there supporting it!

Caffeinated Clint on….the second time around

Some movies are better the second time around. Sometimes its because you were too distracted the first time you saw a certain film or you just couldn’t get into it – for one reason or another – when you caught it initially. For me, growing up as the son of a box-office cashier, I saw a good films at an age too young to appreciate. Films like “The Outsiders”, “The Breakfast Club” and “Poltergeist” (think I sat in the foyer for half the film) just weren’t terrific entertainment in the eyes of a 7-year-old. Years later, when I revisited the films, I discovered a love for many of them.

One that comes to mind is “The Hunt for Red October”. I remember seeing it the day before I was to be admitted to hospital for an operation. I think I was about 15, so maybe too young to appreciate the classiness of the film – it was a bit slow compared to most action-thrillers I’d been use to – but more so, the fact that I was headed to hospital the next day for a worrying operation was a big enough of a distraction to divert me from the film. When the film hit video (remember those things kids? Videos?), I revisited it. Guess what? I loved it. I really got into it. And over the years, I’ve re-watched the film about 20 times. If not more. I think its one of the finest action thrillers of the 20th century. Those couple of years – and the fact that I could concentrate on the movie without having to think about being plugged and probed by doctors the next day – really helped; I could appreciate the movie more.

The reason I bring this up is because Weeksy suggested I re-visit one of his favourite film’s “Friday Night Lights’ this week. Thought it was ‘OK’ first-time around – but no more so than any other flag-flying football drama – but now that I’m a fan of the TV series (Friday Night Lights), we thought it might be time to see whether I appreciated its predecessor more. I did. Not a hell of a lot more (I think I like the off-field antics of the series, and the film is more occupied with the sport itself), but I did like it a fair bit more. I was actually interested this time.

But there’s plenty of films that have grown on me over time – “Mean Girls” (loved it the second time around, thought it was only ‘OK’ first time ‘round); “The 40-year-old Virgin” (expected a lot more from it the first time around I think, this time I knew what I was getting… and it works fine) and “”, to name but a few.

What about you guys? Any films that have grown on you over the time?

Mini Mailbag (The other Stuff, including the weekly rants of “Mrs Caffeinated Clint” will return in a week or so).

None of us – well, Adam and I – have any time to do a Mailbag this week. It’s just too nuts. And there are too many emails on too many different computers. But lets run a few emails here… that may hold you fans over till next week.

Firstly, here’s a few from our friend ‘Holden’.

hey clint okay here,s the thing geroge miller is comeing back to mad max4 right and they need to get max well i was thinking one they get hugh jackman as mad max the new villain road chaseer the story of max takes place after the last mission then he go,s back on the police force again road chaser steven dorff is road chasser then mad max gears up for it and ready to go his black car then gos after the road chasser holden

hey clint i have brain storm for darkman 4 jim cavizel as darkman and the villain laim nesson as dr victor 7 and th chenst man he lives in fear and of fear darkness but darkman try,s to help and of jim cavizel dr charlie nest and becomes darkman at night that be a good story to it holden

hey clint who are they going to get for easy rider remake i was thinking martin henderson as billy the kid and get eric bana as wyatt and captin america that,s who they should get and chris Nolan

hey clint are cgi swat cats movie that would be freakin sweet holden

hey clint holden here i was wondering is the dukes of hazzard 3 in the works i hope they get better writers for the movie and good director and get really good actors for it and keep willie and keep the genarel

Right-on. Jon Peters just greenlit 5 more pictures!

Here are a few more emails.

.Q. When will “Indiana Jones” come out? – Elliot
A. When will Tom Cruise?

.Q. Hi Wonder Clint, how u doing? here is Francesco from Florence Italy. I’m writing to ask u about the new friday remake or sequel or …what u want! Someone on the friday forum said that New Line changed its mind and turns back to Freddy vs jason 2. The reason is that they don’t trust to much in a solo movie. Well u could said that’s a boolshit but, please, if can check your source ’cause that guy on the forum is a very reiiable source. thanks fran p.s. how could they don’t trust freddy and Jason. and how could they wait for too long to bring out a sequel to a 82 millions box office movie???? – Fran
A. Gimme 5… I’m still laughing about the ‘boolshit’….. that’s classic. I can’t quite figure out what you’re asking, but let me say this : a) there’s no current plan for any new “Freddy” film, though I hear New Line are still keen to do a “Freddy Vs.Jason 2” some time. B) I’m having a pizza tonight. What do you suggest? C) Wonder Clint? Rock On Babe. Oh yeah. You know it. Get Down. Yup Yup.

I don-t see any resemblance of Mario Bello and Rachel Weisz so not agreeing with you on that. New to Moviehole….cool site! – Ken
A. If only they would drop their duds, we’d all be able to see the resemblance!

First I would like to say I really like this site. I come here every day just about. Second I was wondering if there was any news on EVERWOOD season 2 on dvd? – Matt
A. Wish I knew myself. This is the season Amy started to get titties, yeah?

Clint, saw you quoted in a press ad for some movie recently. What was it again? – Ben
A. Most likely “Leprechaun in Da’ Hood”. ‘Tis horror that Rocks!’ Um, Nah, no idea man.

Hey Clint,
You’ve been so busy lately…. But we’re all missing the Mailbag. When will you give us something? I love it when you tell people to fuck off! Ha! – Steve

A. Here’s your Mailbag right here… now fuck off!