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Jason Bateman headlines Carnahan’s next

Re-teaming with his “Smokin’ Aces” director

Jason Bateman’s scored his first leading role in a film since…well, um, “Teen Wolf Too”?

The former “Arrested Development” (and before that, “The Hogan Family”) star turn big-screen hopeful (he appears in the upcoming “The Kingdom” with Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner, and currently appears in the comedy “The Ex”) will front Joe Carnahan’s next film “The Remarkables”.

Bateman, who had a small role in Carnahan’s “Smokin’ Aces”, pitched the storyline to Carnahan. Universal loved the idea.

“The Remarkable Fellows” revolves around two brothers who take over the family business, which involves exacting revenge for clients.

Bateman will play one of the brothers. The duo, who are “part James Bond and part Ricky Jay,” get assignments “from their father and carry them out all over the world,” Bateman said. “The revenge scenario is dependent on the intricacy of the plot. If the president of a major bank was sleeping with the French ambassador’s wife, the banker would call these guys.”

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