Whose the villain of Indiana Jones 4?


Nope, it’s not George Lucas….

I’ve got to admit, when I heard Cate Blanchett had jumped aboard the new “Indiana Jones” flick – currently titled “Indiana Jones and the City of Gods” – It just didn’t sit right. Why would Blanchett, a woman who can pick and choose her roles like a shark can choose its dinner, accept – what’s presumably – the ‘love interest’ role in an “Indiana Jones” movie? I mean you don’t see Alison Doody winning Oscars, do you?

Seems Blanchett’s doing a lot more than snuggling up to the aged Dr.Jones in the movie – in fact, she might not even lock lips at all with the adventurous archaeologist.

According to IESB.net, the Oscar Winner may in fact be playing the film’s villain. The site says that the Aussie accolade-drawer will “be the villain in cahoots with the Ruskies.”

Now that, I like. I likey likey. You can imagine a nice snarling villainess role appealing to Blanchett. Now, I see it.

What that means is that in terms of love interests, only a former love interest, Marion Ravenwood (returning star Karen Allen), will be ‘there’ for Indy.