Caffeinated Clint – Special Edition


“The Best Direct-to-Video Sequels of All Time”

As Voted by YOU!

Direct-to-video sequels – they’re not that bad. Really. Some of them are even better than their theatrically released predecessor parent (as was the case with the “American Pie” series). Sure, some of them let off a wicked stench that Blockbuster’s still trying to odorise, but by and large, a lot of effort goes into direct-to-video sequels. Whether its because they have a smaller budget and therefore won’t have the stars of whiz bang effects to draw audiences in, or – as was the case with the “Dracula 2000” sequels – there’s not a lot of studio interference and the filmmakers are given a lot more creative freedom to explore, solid output is pretty common.

We asked you last week what YOU believed to be the best direct-to-video (or DVD sequel as it may be) sequel ever produced…. And here are some of your comments… and the ultimate top 20 BEST DTV efforts.

Tom says: Cube Zero is the best easily

Gino says : I just read something on the site about the top 20 worst sequels ever made…. Lost boys 2: the tribe is undoubtedly going to be the worst sequel/movie to be created…the first movie was great!!! Now a str8 to DVD sequel 20 years later. I’m pissed about this…Warner bros. studios is putting out garbage!!!
The first movie tied up every story line in it…. personally I think the frog bro. Spin-off idea sucked as well… the lost girls idea seemed decent…but surfing vampires!!!
fuckin crack head idea!!!
THEY SHOULD RE-MAKE IT!!!! If they do anything to it…that’s what i’d do…
i’d take the idea, the characters, the basic story line, add a few new characters, twist and turns, one thing i’d like to see would be the story centre around Michael and not Sam!!!! Another thing is I would keep the story in the 80’s, I think that’s where the movie belongs….. i’d like to see the film follow Michaels character because we’ve seen sam’s story…there’s nothing new!!!!

Aabdlk says, The Lion King II : Simba’s Pride

Geoff says, I really enjoy what Disney do – direct to video wise. They’ve done some great sequels. The Lion King sequel comes to mind, because it was such a quality production, but they also did well on the Mulan sequel and the Beauty and the Beast ones. Walt’s still the king, whatever medium!

Tony says, Dracula 3 Legacy is great. I hated Dracula 2000 – it didn’t work at all; it seemed all over the place, but the sequels were good. The third one especially. Jason Scott Lee kicked ass – also liked his Time Cop 2, as well – and the production values were very nice. I thought these were great movies, and I’d be interested to see part 4 when it comes out.

Daniel says, Most DTV sequels are shit, but I have really enjoyed the following:

– Tremors II: Aftershocks
– Mimic III: Sentinel
– Cube II: Hypercube
– The Substitute II

These were fairly decent as well:
– Cube Zero
– Mimic II
– Howling VI: The Freaks
– From Dusk ‘Till Dawn II: Texas Blood Money
– From Dusk ‘Till Dawn III: The Hangman’s Daughter

Not sure if these count (might have had some theatrical showings), but here
they are anyway:

– Phantasm IV: Oblivion
– Hellraiser V: Inferno
– Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed
– Ginger Snaps: The Beginning

If I were forced to pick just one, it’d be Tremors II: Aftershocks. Mimic
III: Sentinel would be a close second though. (Note: If Phantasm IV counts
then it is my number one pick)

Mace says, Dear Moviehole,
my vote would be with Dracula 3 : The Legacy or American Pie : Band Camp. They were both delivered what they wanted us to like. I think they good

Paul says My choice is HELLRAISER: HELLWORLD.The best sequel of the 4 dtv sequels in that series!

Steve says I think Timecop 2 : The Berlin Decision” was a pretty good effort. Kickboxer 2 : The Road Back was fairly decent as well.

Jay says Tremors II. No contest. Oh, by the way, Dr. Dolittle 2 was a theatrical release that made oodles of money. Perhaps you are thinking of the oh-so-necessary Dr. Dolittle 3?

Jason says From Dusk Til Dawn 3 : The Hangman’s Daughter

Claes, Denmark, says Hey! Not to keen on that particula genre, but one movie comes to mind: White Noise 2. I thought it was pretty decent… Couldn’t find it on your list though.

Infinite Reality Productions says, American Pie Band Camp…looks and feels like the original

The Bat Signal says, This film was originally slated for a limited domestic theatrical release,
but was canned by its now defunct studio. It was sold as a discount
presentation and may have been screened but not a single source (Variety,
Box Office Mojo, Screen Digest) has any record of it making money in US
theatres. It has since formally graced the silver screen as a cult film.
Thus my candidate for the best (or worst) direct to video sequel of all

“Return of the Killer Tomatoes!” (1988).

Tagline: “The vegetables of doom return!”

This was a low budget sequel to the cult film “Attack of the Killer
Tomatoes!” (1978). Why is it noteworthy? Here is my rationale:
– The apocalypse comes in the form of “The Great Tomato War” with mad
scientist Professor Gangreen and his news reporter sidekick Igor creating an
army from tomatoes and toxic waste.
– A global ban on tomatoes follows.
– Giant, air-filled mutant tomatoes talk, roll around, and kill.
– Classic quotes abound like: “That’s the bravest thing I’ve ever seen a
vegetable do.”
– George Clooney sporting an absolutely brutal mullet, is worthy of
inclusion into the mullet hall of fame!
– There is a fight sequence in a pizza parlor with cowboys, children, a
trucker played by Congresman Gary Condit and ninjas… and yes it is the
same Gary Condit at the center of the 2001 Chandra Levy scandal.
– Matt (George Clooney) picks up women by holding a fake contest to win a
date with Rob Lowe, while the threat of killer tomatoes and renegade carrots
linger. (Sorry no Rob Lowe, just giant talking red tomatoes rolling around
– The film at one point pretends that the already lacking budget has been
literally depleted.
– Followed by the classic “Killer Tomatoes Eat France” (1992).

Jeremy N says, “My vote goes to Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. Great writing from the crew of Family Guy, without them skimping out on anything. Sure they had to add in some filler to get the running time up to DVD standard time (since it’s actually three episodes pieced together), but it’s absolutely hilarious and a great watch for any Family Guy fan.”

Pat says, By far the best DTVS are Walking Tall 2 and Tremors 2.

Lisa says, The Jason Scott Lee Dracula movies were great. Lots of fun. Very bloody. I’m a huge Jason London fan too – have been since Dazed and Confused.

Daniel says Hey Clint,
Daniel Estrella from NYC here ( the dude who insisted on getting credit for my question to Darren Aronofsy. BTW, saw the Fountain finally and loved it!)
My vote for best Best Direct-to-Video Sequel goes to: “Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power”
I found this flick to be very good, with solid acting from Jay Hernández and the rest of the cast; plus the story was directly adapted from the book “Carlito’s Way” (The Pacino film of the same name was actually adapted from the sequel book, “After Hours”, both written by Edwin Torres).
I think the solid story and great performance from the lead actor really help this film rise above the rest of the “direct-to-video” crowd. To reprise a good Pacino character and make the film worthy of completing the story really says it all about the quality of the film and everybody involved in its production.

Panther says Wild Things 2 and 3

Jack says I would choose Disney’s LEROY AND STITCH as my favorite Direct to DVD Sequel. Surprised that Disney didn’t make at least one theatrical sequel to the 2002 smash LILO AND STITCH. Great characters, funny and warm…one of Disney’s better animated projects in recent years for my money.
Honorable mention to other DVD sequels:

Mark says Haha Tremors 2 for sure. That was a good time right there.

Nick flowers says Hey Clint. hows it going? about the “Best Direct To DVD Sequel/Prequel Of All Time” ..out of the ones that you listed, I gotta go with Lion King,not the BEST of all time..but still, it was pretty good. ‘specially for a Disney sequel…which, most of them kinda suck.
Speaking of Direct to DVD sequels,have you seen White Noise 2:The Light yet?
I haven’t. I guess its not out yet here in the states. I want to see it…big Nathan Fillion fan y’know.

Josh says My vote for the poll ‘What’s the Best Direct-to-Video Sequel of All Time?’ goes to The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. I still wish Disney had went all-out for a big, regal sequel to The Lion King. Still, Simba’s Pride isn’t bad. It has nice animation and some good songs. Plus, its Shakespearian-esque Romeo & Juliet story is a nice follow-up to the Hamlet-like tale in The Lion King.

Paul says Hey Clint, I’d have to say possibly Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, though it really creaks under weight of all the padding, especially the useless “after party” stuff at the end. The Tremors sequels are all pretty good too, and it’d be nice to see more down the track. Beyond that though… er… Maybe Trancers 2? Oh and Another Midnight Run and Revenge of the Nerds III (and IV for that matter) are actually telemovies, just to be pedantic and all that

Vern says is not even on your list, it’s FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 2: TEXAS BLOOD MONEY. That’s one of the few DTV sequels where they really seemed like they were trying. And it has the most ridiculous amount of gimmicky POV shots ever put into a movie (my favorite is the oscillating fan POV).
I would also suggest GINGER SNAPS 2 but I think that was probaly theatrical in Canada. Another runner up would be CARLITO’S WAY RISE TO POWER which by DTV standards is surprisingly decent, and has a great performance by Mario Van Peebles of all people.

Trevor says Dracula The Legacy. Was everything the first Dracula movie should have been. Worst DTV sequel? Starship Troopers 2!

All in all, we’ve had more than a few hundred votes….

So here, without further ado are….


20. From Dusk Till Dawn 2 : Texas Blood Money

19. Kickboxer 2 : The Road Back

18. Wild Things 2

17. Leroy and Stitch>

16. Roadhouse 2

15. American Pie : The Naked Mile

14. The Sandlot 2

13. Walking Tall : The Payback

12. The Skulls 2

11. Cube Zero

10. Carlito’s Way : Rise to Power

9. Stewie Griffin : The Untold Story

8. Trekkies 2

7. Hellraiser : Hellworld

6. From Dusk Till Dawn 3 : The Hangman’s Daughter

5. American Pie : Band Camp

4. Timecop : The Berlin Decision

3. Dracula 3 : The Legacy

2. Tremors 2 : Aftershocks

1. The Lion King II : Simba’s Pride