A Firefly buzzing into Wisteria Lane?


Captain Tightpants may have a new TV gig

Captain Tightpants might have some pals – needless to say, some pals that wouldn’t mind helping him get out of them, the tight pants that is – in Wisteria Lane.

“Firefly” fave – and “White Noise: The Light” star – Nathan Fillion is being coaxed over to ABC’s “Desperate Housewives”. Considering Fillion’s a FOX-TV boy – which is where “Firefly” and “Drive” screened; albeit briefly – it’s almost like cheating with a party that you can actually see a future with.

Apparently Fillion and Dana Delaney (“China Beach”) would play a couple who move to Wisteria Lane with the woman’s daughter (Fonseca). He’d be quite a few years younger than his bride.

Don’t sweat it though film fans, I dare say it won’t be too long before Fillion’s back on the silver screen too. He’s apparently terrific in the new movie “Waitress”, so don’t be surprised if his TV contract’s a short one.

Fillion’s one of the best actors around at the moment. If you’ve never seen his fine work in “Firefly” pick up the DVD Box set today.