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Okey-Dokey, spread throughout today’s editions of “Variety” & “The Hollywood Reporter” are a couple of noteworthy pieces – so here they are:

First off, “Variety” has today confirmed what we reported a few days back, that “Ace Ventura 3″ is indeed in the works, with David M. Evans (“The Sandlot”) directing young Josh Flitter (“License to Wed”) as Ace Ventura Jr.

Secondly, “THR” reports that Jared Leto & Sarah Polley have signed on the dotted line to appear in “Mr. Nobody” for Jaco Van Dormael (“Le Huitieme Jour”). Dormael also wrote the story, which centers around a 120 year old mortal man surrounded by immortals, who he must battle to the death with swords on rainy rooftops and in surprisingly pedestrian free car parks to become “The One” – alright, last part not true, but the mortal surrounded by immortals part is, as Nemo Nobody (Leto) relives the real & imaginary years of his marriage……. *cough*.

Thirdly, or nextly if you prefer – back to the gang at “Variety”, and we turn our attention towards Brittany Murphy, Jason Lee, Giovanni Ribisi, Jim Broadbent, Tim Roth and Lili Taylor – who have all just signed on for “The Other Side”, a fantasy / comedy for David Michaels. The description sounds a little “Lost” to me – Young lady (Murphy) working on a remote island meets a bunch of whackos hiding a big secret about something that happened there years ago.

Back to “THR” – Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty will all be appearing in “The Hurt Locker” – now I know that cast is just putting the wind in your sails (or is that just me), but the good part of this news is that the flick is getting directed by none other than Kathryn Bigelow (of the awesome “Near Dark” & awesomer “Strange Days”) – the film is based on true events in present day Baghdad, concerning an elite Army Explosive Ordinance Disposal team, dealing with bombs & snipers – sounds cool to me.

That’s it for now – back later with more….

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