Studio Briefings – 18.07.07


Even more casting announcements

Alrighty – even more biggish size news hitting the wire today in “Variety” & “The Hollywood Reporter”, so let’s get into it:

Numero Uno – John Leguizamo, who I think I’ve liked in just about everything he’s ever been in has just been cast in M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening”, which is also starring Mark Wahlberg who packs up his family and hits the bricks when some kind of “disaster” threatens the planet. I think most people know the background on what the deal was with “The Happening” – but with it all set up at 20th Century Fox, Lensing starts next month in Philly, and a worldwide release is scheduled for June 13th, 2008 – in related news, Spencer Breslin, who played the young Bruce Willis in “The Kid” has also been added to the cast as Mark’s kid.

Hitting the charts at #2 – I think everyone is fairly well aware that Rob Marshall (“Chicago”) is all set to direct “Nine”, based on the 1982 musical (which was originally inspired by Fellini’s”8½.”). Now, normally unless it’s Andrew Kevin Walker or someone immediately recognizable to me, I don’t really care who’s scripting a film, but in this case, it’s turned out to be “The Player” author, Michael Tolkin – which is kind of cool, just try and forget that the last time he penned a screenplay, it was “Changing Lanes”.

Part 3 – The lovely Korbi over at E! Online got her hands on some tasty news today with some small screen casting – first off, Olivia Wilde (the smoking hot girl that Mischa Barton hooked up with during her “Experimental” phase in “The O.C.”), Kal Penn (“Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle”), Peter Jacobson (“Transformers”) and Anne Dudek (“Big Day”) have all been cast for at least eight episodes of the new season of “House”… once Aussie viewers get to see the current season finale – this will make more sense.
Korbi also dug out the goss that two very cute young things, Katie Cassidy & Lauren Cohan are both joining the new season of “Supernatural”, playing the female equivalent to the Winchester brother’s demon busting team in full-time capacity.

Fourth – Robert Carlyle, who you can at least say was the very best part of “Ravenous”, let alone a major hit like “Trainspotting” has given his John Hancock to director Justin Kerrigan’s (“Human Traffic”) latest film, “I Know You Know”, which also stars fellow Trainspotter, Ewen Bremner.

I’ll take ways to say “5” for $1,000 please Alex – Ron Howard bought the rights to “The Emperor’s Children” earlier this year, and at the time, it was floated as a possible directorial effort for the former “Happy Days” star (I don’t care how well known he is for Directing by this point, I like to remember him from “Happy Days”). So – surprise, surprise – he has signed on to Direct it, with long-term business partner Brian Grazer producing. It may take a while before we see it though, Howard is already hard at work on both “Frost/Nixon” and “Angels & Demons”.

Seiz (I learnt that means Six from watching “Dora The Explorer”) – George Lopez, no longer confined to the small screen has just committed himself to not one, but two upcoming features, the first being “Henry Poole Is Here”, which co-stars Luke Wilson & Radha Mitchell, and the second flick being “Swing Vote”, starring Kevin Costner, Dennis Hopper, Nathan Lane, Kelsey Grammer & Stanley Tucci.

Oh, finally – we’ve just posted up a couple of new competitions, where you can win copies of the last season of “The O.C.” on DVD, and some prize packs for the upcoming release of “Black Snake Moan” – you can check those out Here.