Moviehole Mailbag – 19/7/07


The next great installment

Your pressing questions answered by Adam Weeks

Good luck for the next few weeks, You have some big shoes to fill but I am sure you are up to the challenge. Wish Clint all the best with impending fatherhood. Cheers. – Matt

Adam: Yes, it’s gonna be some fun times for the next few weeks, but if there’s anyone that deserves a decent break, it’s the Boss. Just keep in mind that if you need to get in touch over the coming weeks, send your mail to

Gossip Monkey – just wonder what happened to him?? Thanks Adam. – Rick

Adam : Monkey is still hanging around, he’s been a touch busy with a few projects lately, but the door is always open for him to make a return whenever he wants.

I heard a couple months back, that a studio was planning on making a direct to dvd sequel to the “Kickboxer” series. It was rumored to be called “Kickboxer Begins: The Return”. (weird title, I know). It was reported in ‘Variety’ and ‘Hollywood Reporter’. A couple names were thrown around, (Ian Carrol, and Kristy Swanson). Do you know if there is any truth to it, or is it just fake? – Corey

Adam : Yeah, I saw the same reports, so I’m pretty sure that it is still in the works. A lot of the major studios are starting to realize the benefits of doing more Direct to DVD type stuff, so just have a little patience brother.

Well I’m sure the congrats will be pouring in to you to relay to the happy couple!! So congrats!!! Cheers and happy tidings…Hope Clint likes changing diapers and that the Mrs is doing well!!! I suppose he is collecting cash donations? Send it in your care Adam? Just wanted to know if “Die Hard” lived up to your expectations? I loved it, but anything “Die Hard” is for me! Is this “X-Files” movie gonna happen or what? And I heard awhile back rumblings about a new “SAINT” movie? And finally my daughter would like to know if they are still going ahead with a “Creature from the Black Lagoon” film? OK then that should do it! Keep up the great work fellas! – Mac

Adam : Damn right – send all your friggin’ cash to me, I’ll “invest” it wisely for Clint & Tosia’s little one. OK, as for the questions, “Die Hard 4” has yet to screen for the critics over here, so I can’t give my opinion on it as yet – the 8 minutes of the flick that Sony made available on the Playstation Network last week were pretty interesting, so I am definitely looking forward to it. “X-Files 2” is probably as close as it’s ever been at the moment, so that’s around an 80% chance of happening shortly. “Saint 2” – I heard the same stories when the first flick came out, but I don’t think that Phillip Noyce would return for a sequel, and I doubt very much that Kilmer would either – the first flick did decent enough business, but not “Franchise” type business. “Creature from the Black Lagoon” – other than the initial rumblings, I haven’t heard a thing on it since.

Hi Adam, I emailed Clint about this just before I read that he was away from the site. It appears that Australian filmmaker Richard Franklin, helmer of “Road Games”, “Psycho II”, “Link” and “Brilliant Lies”, passed away last Wednesday at the too-young age of 58, from cancer. Very sad to hear and there hasn’t been a huge lot of coverage aside from some bits on AICN and Dread Central. Thought you guys might want to make mention of it. Cheers – Paul

Adam : Yup, always sad when someone passes away so young – that’s about all I can say though – outside of “Brilliant Lies” & “F/X 2”, I wasn’t that familiar with the guy.

Dear Moviehole, Following up to the announcement that the next “Mortal Kombat” movie will be a reboot movie, is it known yet if the movie will officially be made, as I’m desperate for a concrete and official announcement, I want this movie to happen so, so much, please can you tell the powers that be that we want a 3rd movie soon!!!!!!! If there’s any way of helping, please, thank you so, so much – DJ

Adam : Brother, you are just way too excited for a “Mortal Kombat” film. Nothing official other than the makers saying it’s a reinvention. I would have thought after “DOA” flopped big-time that there may be some reconsidering going on.

Hello, Adam pinch hitting for Clint. It’s been way too quiet anything related to “Freddy vs. Jason 2”, The “Nightmare” prequel, and the Platinum Dunes remake of “Friday the 13th”. Please say there is hope for these franchises to continue either “vs” or as their own series. Does New Line want these to continue or are they like their lead characters, dead? Thanks for your time. – Trevor

Adam : I think these are probably the most commonly asked questions around here – If I had to take a reasonable guess at it, I would say that if there were to be ANY kind of follow up to either the original “Friday” or “Nightmare” flicks, it more than likely would be a “Freddy vs. Jason 2”. “Jason X” didn’t do the Box Office that they wanted, and “New Nightmare” was a pretty decent bookend for the Freddy series – but “F vs. J” did very well – the only problem being that it took forever to get made in the first place (countless scripts, directors – everything). As for the ‘new’ “Friday the 13th”, I would say that it will be the next thing from your list that will hit the big screen.

Hello there, I just read that Amanda Bynes interview you put up on your site. It’s a very nice interview and Amanda has always been my favorite actress ever since I was a kid. I was wondering if you could put up the audio to go with the text. As good as this interview is, it would be a whole lot better if we can hear Amanda’s lovely voice answering those great questions. 🙂 Thanks a lot! – Tommy

Adam – Dude…….. no……… very creepy. Hit up a “Playboy” if you want to whack it.

Hi Clint, what’s going on with “Superman”? Will Singer still be in charge because he seems to be postponing it. Even after “Valkyrie” (which I’m fired up to see) he’s doing another project. Worried fan – Oliver

Adam : Bryan will definitely still be involved with the next “Superman” flick, but it’s like with Scorsese – you’ve gotta sit through a couple of regular flicks before you get a mob film.

Hey, I was just wondering, whats your opinion on Jamie Lee Curtis signing on to “South Of The Border”? I’m glad she’s simply (finally) making a new movie, but I have to admit it would be nice to see her do something higher up. She’s one hell of an actress, but it just seems like lately she doesn’t want to do anything “bold” or “different”. I’d just like to see her act in something a little more interesting than this. I could easily see her winning an Oscar someday, if the right part passed her way. Got any opinions on any of this? – Sam the Man

Adam : Look, I don’t think she’s that concerned with it at this point, she’s been is some of the biggest films of their related genres – “Halloween”, “True Lies”, “Trading Places”, “Prom Night”, “A Fish Called Wanda” – she’s already had a great career. She seems comfortable making the “family friendly” flicks these days, so good luck to her.

Clint, What sort of information can you offer up in regards to the secret JJ Abrams / “Cloverfield” / “Ethan Haas” / “1-18-08” project? Love the site! – Johnny P.

Adam : Nuthin’. Well, nothing other than what you’ve probably already seen – there’s the site, the 1-18-08 site – the Ethan Haas stuff is a coincidental tie-in to a video game. I know they put up a third photograph on the 1-18 site a couple of days back, but that’s about it.

Conspiracy eh? Yeah, it’s a conspiracy that no one remembers Bad Day at Black Rock, probably not even Ernest Borgnine–wonder if he’ll do a cameo. – Chris

Adam : I don’t know what either of you are talking about….

Yeah, you know how you said that the Joker, Two-Face and Riddler are too many villains? Aintitcool news says that Cillian Murphy is confirmed to reprise his role as Scarecrow. – Coolguy

Adam : Is that all confirmed? I don’t know – I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to the “Dark Knight” stuff – I remember one of the sites had some really distant hazy photos claiming that Cillian was the guy on the far right (some carpark somewhere I think) – but I couldn’t tell who the hell it was.

Hi, I am from Canada and I am interested in purchasing a movie from your site that is from Australia, I know that there are region code restrictions when dealing with DVD’s from different countries, therefore; I was wondering if you knew whether region-unlocking software allows the DVD to be played on just a CD-Rom or whether it will allow the DVD to be played on a TV DVD player. Please let me know as I really want to purchase a the movie “The Shiralee (DVD)” if I am able to watch it on a DVD player. Thank you for your time – Joel

Adam : Just when you think that you’ll never get another “Shiralee” query, someone types it into Google and winds up here. Joel – simple answer – if you have a multi-region DVD player and a TV that can downscale for PAL – you’re in luck, if not, you’ll have to wait for it on cable.

Clint. Will you be posting your “Die Hard 4” review soon? I just saw it
(reluctantly…PG13 and all) AND it was more fun than I anticipated. (I still hope the DVD goes R.)
– Chad

Adam – I think it will probably be another 2-3 weeks before we get a chance to see the flick here, but we’ll post it up as soon as we do – I know the next couple I have on the way that you’ll see reviews for are “The Simpsons Movie” which will be next Tuesday, followed by “Fracture” & “License To Wed”.

Hey Clint. How’s it going? Hey, were you a fan of the show “Dead Like Me”? Pretty good, pretty good…. Here’s my question: Any hope of a spin off/movie of that show? Doubtful, seeing as how Mandy Patinkin is busy at the moment with “Criminal Minds”…but just thought I’d ask. Thanks man. – Sig

Adam– Wow, the things that can change in a week – to sum up, the “Dead Like Me” crew are getting together again, and Mandy Patinkin has just left “Criminal Minds” – coincidence?

This ‘Transformers’ “prequel” that was posted recently. I think it means Mark Ryan (Bumblebee) recorded some voices for a prequel that will either be on the DVD release or an individual animated show that’s a filler between Movie 1 and Movie 2. It could set up movie 2 like for example : Maybe as flashback scenes and introduce Dinobots but not an actual film unless maybe animated. This is just what I’m hearing / reading at the moment. – Trevor

Adam – Yup – that’s how I took it as well – give the Boss a break, he’s been having empathy contractions for the last few weeks.

Hey guys. I think you need to read that “Transformers prequel” article again. The next sequel to Transformers won’t be a prequel. The prequel is going to be on the DVD. – Mike

Adam: Jeez, you guys are merciless.

Moviehole, I need your help please. Last night I rented “Arthur and the Invisibles” on DVD, mostly because it was a CGI movie from Luc Besson. I am a huge fan of both. I knew nothing about the film other than those two facts. Now I really enjoyed the movie. Hell, I loved it to be honest. There was a few things I did not like about it (such as Madonna voicing a character that is Ten (human) years old, that has a romance with a character played by a twelve year old, and all the characters talking rather too quickly) but overall it was a real pleasure to both “look at” and “watch”. When it finished the first question I asked was “why the hell was it called Arthur and the Invisibles? Who are these Invisibles? It should have been called Minimoys, surely?” Needing to find an answer to this question I jump onto my favorite crappy site on the net, IMBD, only to find that, apparently, The version of the film I just watched is basically an insult to the original version shown across Europe. I hate it when this happens. So Clint, or Adam, or whoever lost “paper / scissors / rock” this week and needs to filter the Holden channel, could you please help out a Luc Besson Fan and find out if there is any way at all an English speaking person can actually see the proper movie? I would be terribly grateful, and judging by the internet, so would a few million other people. – Danny

Adam : Yup – you’re spot on. In Europe, the film was called “Arthur and the Minimoys”. Basically, the CGI was originally done in French, so the characters lips were dubbed to that, whereas the live action sequences were done in English – to try and fix the lag in the voices for the international version, they sped them up a touch (obviously too much for most people though). Adding to that is the fact that a lot of stuff was cut from the original for release in America & Australia. Luc Besson had this to say in an interview with Suicide Girls: “I’ve worked in the movie business for 30 years now and for each film I work 40 different distributors around the world. The American distributor on Arthur [The Weinstein Company] was the worst I have worked with in my entire life, in any country. I think this is the essence of all the problems. Why the critics didn’t like Arthur was because they changed so much of the film and tried to pretend the film was American. The critics aren’t stupid. They watched the film, they vaguely smell American but they can feel the film is forced for an American audience. The film is European. It’s made by a Frenchman. This was the only country where the film was changed. The rest of the world has the same film as France.” – Harvey Weinstein of course responded in his usual tone to the New York Daily News: “[Besson is] out of his mind. He’s a has-been.”
So – the only place you will get the original version is probably through Amazon’s French website.

Love the site…What is going on with the “Day of the Dead” remake that was to hit the screens in April. I can’t find any information about when and if the movie will ever come out. Did it die a slow horrible death or is it truly amongst the living dead and we will see it later this year? – Martin

Adam : I mentioned this a few weeks back actually – I’m near 100% that “Day” will go straight to DVD, I’ve heard from many people now that it is absolutely unwatchable.

Just wanted to praise your “Transformers” review. I hated the movie. I am a big “Transformers” fan. I don’t know why they praised this film on Ain’t-It-Cool. As a ten year old. I would have hated it. – Mitchell

Adam : Everyone has an opinion – people wrote in giving me crap for saying that “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” wasn’t very good.

Hey Mailbag Man, Do you think we will ever see a “Men in Black 3”? I read a few years ago that Will Smith would like to do another one and that he had an idea for it. William Shatner would make an excellent Men in Black agent, don’t you think? – Chris

Adam : See, the problem is that Will Smith says the same thing about almost every film he works on. I think Tommy Lee Jones was pretty reluctant to do “MIB 2”, so I wouldn’t think the chances of a third film are great at this point – but it would have been great to see a Shatner cameo.

hey adam heard cast of speed racer any way sound,s really cool any way because the car look,s really amazing the 21 first century car ever made next thing you know fast car,s will go mad max 4 road fury that be sweet any way holden

hey adam what,s up with i heard john schinder was going to make sequel to collier and high pursuit get the dodge charger back in race and hit the gas and go i heard about the sequel sound,s really great any way let,s hope a thrid one any way holden

hey adam what about the flash the movie are they going to any one yet any way hope they do get somebody any way that comic book movie big screen holden

hey adam what about another remake of darkman now be something to see again after 15 years any way we need another dark hero any way let,s hope they think of something holden

hey adam i heard about the new bullitt and wolfgang petersen is write the story direct it and heck if they do it like 60,s look that be really cool and use coolest cars a 1968 ford mustang fastback and use a 1968 dodge charger and old school and old fashion any way that,s what make,s great movies holden

hey adam i just heard about the remake of bill and ted,s excellent adveture remake i can’t under stand why remake the movie and not do a thrid one and ponit maybe this time when they remake it maybe they do a number 3 that be sweet holden – Holden

Adam : Sweet.