Fox Pulls Out Of Comic-Con


No films for you

In something of an interesting move, 20th Century Fox have pulled its lineup of filmmaker & star panels, citing that it’s effects-laden films that were planned to be shown in various forms are just not ready.

This comes from a report in today’s Los Angeles Times, and comes just a week out from the start date of July 26th.

Fox had planned to present a variety of different clips from its upcoming slate, including “Hitman”, “Aliens vs. Predator”, “Jumper”, “Babylon A.D.”, “City of Ember” & “The Dark Is Rising” – but in a quote from Sean Dudas (VP of national publicity), it gets summed up pretty nicely: “Fox is not going to be able to participate in Comic-Con this year…… The material wasn’t ready and we only want to go out when we can put our best foot forward.”

Along with sub-division Fox Atomic, most other major film studios will have an active presence at Comic-Con this year, but this does ask the question of what exactly is going on over at Fox with their films at the moment? Only a short while ago, they cancelled screenings of “Rise of the Silver Surfer” a few days out from release stating that the film simply wasn’t ready – and now dropping this kind of commitment from their schedule doesn’t bode well for films that are already taking heat for the “Why bother?” factor.