Sequels, Sequels & More Sequels


Robots & Mutants & Surfers – oh my!

Jake Coyle over at the Associated Press has gotten some rumblings on the likely sequels that we will be seeing in the not so distant future. Alongside already speculated reports of further “Spider-Man”, “Bourne”, “Ocean’s” & “Pirates” flicks comes some not-so-surprising words from Martin Levy, a Marketing Exec with Dreamworks:

“It’s a very logical thing to think that we can look forward to another [Transformers] one.” – Well, duh!

That comes alongside the comments of Kevin Feige, the President of Production at Marvel Studios, who says there is a very good chance that we will be seeing another “X-Men” film, alongside the already in the works spin-offs of “Wolverine” & “Magneto”. Feige also states that a stand-alone “Silver Surfer” flick has been moved high up the food chain for active development.

It’s a good article on the current state of sequels as opposed to the old “Police Academy” type days, so check it out when you have a chance.