Watchmen Casting Updates


Two more join the cast

As the Comic-Con approaches, bits & pieces of news are starting to float across the web, and given that Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen” is at the top of nearly every fan’s current wish list, two highly probable pieces of casting have hit the web:

1). “El Mayimbe” over at Latino Review has broken the news that the smokin’ hot Malin Akerman has been cast as Laurie Juspeczyk, AKA Silk Spectre. Malin played Christopher Meloni’s wife in “Harold & Kumar” (yes, that smokin’ hot blonde) – and also played “the other woman” in E’s threesome last season in “Entourage”.

2). The always reliable crowd over at have put up the bat signal to I.D. Oxymandias as being portrayed by Matthew Goode (“Match Point”, “Chasing Liberty”), which helps round out the cast of the already announced Jackie Earle Haley, Billy Crudup & Patrick Wilson.

Expect much, much more on “Watchmen” over the next few days.