Hanks gets a Woody


Little “Toy Story” joke there, fellas

Colin Hanks is hangin’ with the Playboy bunnies.

And, er, he’s about to do it on film, too.

Tom’s boy is joining the cast of the untitled-Anna-Faris-comedy, the one in which she plays a Playboy bunny who gets kicked out of the Playboy Mansion and becomes the house mother to the lamest sorority on a college campus.

There’s a few other additions to the cast too, including “Vacation” vet Beverly D’Angelo, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Monet Mazur (“Torque”) will play an evil Playboy bunny, while Kiely Williams will plays a member of the lame sorority, one who suffers from extreme shyness and communicates via notes and texts. Tyson Ritter is a frat guy who is more than he seems, while Owen Benjamin is a butler seduced by Mazur. D’Angelo (“Entourage”) is the house mom of the bitchy sorority, of which Rachel Specter (“Lonely Hearts”) is a part.

Oh, and Tom’s playing the love interest to Faris. Lucky prick.