New Punisher says don’t try this at home!


Ray Stevenson talks sequel

Moviehole buddy ‘Advanced Dark’ is renowned for shooting off emails to actors and directors to ask them about their forthcoming superhero projects – and he usually gets the response he’s looking for.

His latest achievement is having Ray Stevenson, the new Frank Castle in “The Punisher 2 : Welcome Back Frank”, respond to his composed correspondence.

Stevenson tells the die-hard comic-book movie fan – printed at the Superhero Hype boards – that “Although i am still very much in the embrionic stages of developing and discovering FRANK CASTLE’s character; what i can say about my approach so far is that I dont wish for anyone to walk out of the theatre wanting to ‘be’ FRANK CASTLE – Let me explain, I would be mortified if, for any reason, some kid at high school wanted to reach out and right the wrongs of bullying or rejection or isolation by deciding to “tool up” and take out the bad guys ! It is my full intention to have FRANK in such a dark place and do such violence on those beyond redemption that you should feel glad that there is someone who lives in the dark so we may live in the light. (and you cant wait to see what hell he brings to those targeted by him) My training program is the most comprehensive i have ever undertaken and hopefully we will bring all his skills to bear – and then some! Sorry it is a bit sketchy at this stage but we are driving forward and will stay true to the essence of THE PUNISHER!”

Not a bad response from Stevenson. Hopefully he’s as good in the movie as he is at replying to his fans.