Strange Bedfellows Vs. Chuck & Larry


Did Adam Sandler rip-off Dean Murphy?

The producers of the hit Aussie comedy ‘’Strange Bedfellows’’ say they’re considering legal action against a film to an American film that seems to have ripped them off.

Shana Levine, one of the producers of Dean Murphy’s 2004 comedy, tells The Sydney Morning Herald that the new Adam Sandler/Kevin James comedy “I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry” has a lot to answer for and yes, she’d like to rip them a new ‘hole.

Levine said the filmmakers were considering legal action against the Hollywood studio behind ‘’Chuck and Larry’’, Universal Pictures, after expert analysis of the two scripts in the US.

“The initial results have caused us to be more confident that there has been a copyright violation,” she said. “We are investigating all avenues open to us.”

I have to say – and the team behind “Bedfellows” are friends of mine, yes, but try and take that out of the equation – the moment I heard about “Chuck and Larry” I did think it sounded curiously like “Bedfellows”. So, I’d be interested to know whether or not someone has played snatch-the-small-aussie-film-plot here. (Still, it wouldn’t be the first time and as far as I know, Stephan Elliot never sued “To Wong Foo” for ripping off “Priscilla”).

Meanwhile, “Strange Bedfellows” star Michael Caton is claiming actor Rob Schneider – whom the actor worked with on the ill-fated “The Animal” – must have given his friend Sandler a copy of the film, and that’s how “Chuck and Larry” came to be.

Schneider, who plays an Asian minister in “Chuck and Larry”, cries bullshit on that.

“It is true you gave me a DVD copy of Strange Bedfellows but I must confess I’ve never watched it, as it is not on the same format as I have and it makes quite a nice drink coaster”.