Caffeinated Clint – Wilson Crashes


It ain’t all beer and skittles for Owen Wilson

Caffeinated Clint: Wilson Crashes

Tears of a Clown

Absolutely tragic news about Owen Wilson, isn’t it?

OK, so maybe not tragic, but it’s definitely not a good thing that one of today’s best comic actors is considering sharing a cloud with Chris Farley, Phil Hartman and John Belushi.

That’s what the news is telling us today that Owen Wilson is in hospital due to a deliberate overdose.

The Star and the National Enquirer, which were the first to report the story, said Wilson had cut both wrists and taken an “indeterminate amount of pills.” (Again, that’s The Star and National Enqurier saying that – O.J Simpson speaks more truth).

Now I know what a few of you are probably yelling at the screen, and that’s “Who gives a fuck Clint? Ben’s little buddy’s a wanker – he just took one too many cough drops! Move on…”.

OK, so Owen Wilson may make more money a movie than you, me, and Corey Haim will ever see in our life, but that doesn’t mean it’s shitty what’s going on in his noggin’ right now. For some reason, he’s got one of those crimson little devils sitting on his shoulders telling him that “life’s not worth living”- – – or so some news reports were telling us.

(One could speculate that Wilson isn’t doing so well after he and Kate Hudson split up. Again, that’s speculation. I’m sure these photos of Ms Hudson playing slap the lips with Dax Shepard don’t help )

Can you imagine Ben Stiller without Wilson? It’s like Laurel without the Hardy, Fred without Ginger…. Gary Sinise without Tom Hanks. He’d definitely be missed. We want him to stick around!

And also, I’ve met Owen, and I think he’s one of the nicest and most interesting actors on the planet right now. In the few minutes I had with the boy, I never once got the impression – not that you ever do – that he was a pill-popper with a closet worth of problems. On the other hand, why wouldn’t he be? – – it must be pretty damn hard living in the spotlight like that, and you can only imagine the pressure that these high-price movie stars are under. One false move, and they’re out. Look what happened to Burt Reynolds in the late 80s. Even the abovementioned Haim. It’s like they’re just waiting for you to slip up.

A few comedians suffer from depression – Jim Carrey’s another. For some reason, Owen Wilson doesn’t see himself as the hilarious irreplaceable star of such movies as “Wedding Crashers”, “Starsky and Hutch”, “Zoolander” and “Meet the Parents”. From the sounds of this, he sees himself as a pale Bobby Carradine imitator.

The IMDB message boards have been flooding with messages from fans – some even admitting to suffering depression themselves.

One reader posts, “For all you saying that people who attempt suicide are just looking for attention, I can assure you, I was ready to go that night.

If you can actually say “oh he has money and fame, why would he do that?” you have no idea what depression is or how it feels, and you better consider yourself lucky.”

Hopefully this will – again – put a spotlight on the issue of depression and see others seek help. It is a serious issue, so please people, don’t fuckin’ shrug it off as a case of the Monday’s…. if you think you’re messed up, chances are you need a little help. Wilson didn’t. And he’s lucky he’s still here.

A google resulted in the following statement, “Many famous and successful Australians have suffered, or still have depression. This is a secret but very common illness, which will affect 10% of Australian men and 20% of Australian women. You are not alone as a sufferer or as a supporter of someone with depression.

Stress can lead to both anxiety/worrying and to depression. It is not a sign of weakness. Pressure, viruses and childbirth can trigger depression in people who never had it previously. If you have trouble concentrating on what you are reading or seeing on TV, this is a strong indicator there is something wrong..”

So here’s Wilson’s little fall – but hopefully it’s one that want hold him down – but one that was obviously going to happen He’s too good to let it conquer him though. And no doubt he’s got a bunch of friends – and a supporting brother, Luke – that’ll make sure he doesn’t eat shit sandwiches for the next couple of years.

Unfortunately for Wilson, it looks like he’s going to have to hit the unemployment line for a couple of months because the projects he was filming at the time of his collapse have advised the media that they’re going to go on regardless.

Typically, Wilson only had cameo appearances in most of those productions – like Ben Stiller’s “Tropic Thunder” – so they should be able to go on just fine without him, or splice his cameo in later. (I’m sure brother Luke will gladly accept a fill-in job).

Variety says Wilson is also attached to “Marley & Me,” in which he’s to co-star opposite Jennifer Aniston. That film was tentatively scheduled to begin production in January. When asked if production on “Marley & Me” would be affected, a Fox spokesman said, “It’s a totally inappropriate question at this time when all of our thoughts and concerns are with his health and well being.”

The actor has had no shortage of visitors since he’s been in hospital – brothers Luke and Andrew have been by his side, and today, Samuel L.Jackson paid the funnyman a visit. Hopefully he walked in, popped the flowers down on the bench and said-straight up “Mother Fucker – Get the Fuck out of that bed and make some funny-ass fuckin’ movies!”