Diane, it’s 2:27 pm, talk today of some ‘deleted scenes’


David Lynch talks “Fire Walk With Me” deleted scenes

There’s only two things I’ve been waiting for : 1) A Wookie President and 2) The once-thought-lost deleted scenes from “Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me”.

And I don’t even like deleted scenes.

Whilst most cut moments are mind-numbing extended sequences of scenes deemed too shite for inclusion in a feature, it’s commonly known that the deleted scenes from “Fire Walk With Me” – a spin-off of the much loved “Twin Peaks” – are gold. Fans have been begging for either the lost scenes or an extended cut of the movie for years (see here) but keep getting the run-around.

Everything David Lynch was forced to cut out of that movie – from familiar characters to whole story arcs – are said to be in cans somewhere… just begging for the deleted scenes constituent of a digital video disc. And we’re not just talking four or five deleted scenes from the ill-fated 1992 movie – we’re talking hours of the stuff. The director’s original cut of “Fire Walk with Me” was some 5 hours long… quite chunky compared to the version New Line released in theatres.

The lost footage nearly appeared – Lynch personally picked 17 scenes to be included – on the Special Edition DVD in 2002 that New Line was released, but the studio ultimately spat at the idea claiming the cost wasn’t worth it. A French company called MK2 did announce at one stage their plans to put the deleted scenes on their release of the movie – but that hasn’t happened. Yet. Some say it’s still in the works. And judging by the news today, they could be right.

Today, Lynch tells MTV that loyal fans might finally be rewarded with the lost bits.

“There are many short scenes that weren’t in the final film that on their own are interesting. They just never fit in the film. There’s talk of me editing and mixing those. There’s a scene with Jack Nance. It’s a short scene with Ed [Wright], who played Mr. Mibbler. I loved this guy. He was in “Wild at Heart” as well. Both of them are gone, so to fix those scenes, for the memory of them, it’s real important.”

So when/if we get the deleted scenes, what can we expect?

Well, my old friend Gary Bullock (playing Sheriff Cable) had a few more minutes in the movie, for starters. One of his main scenes was a bare-knuckle boxing scene with Chris Isaak (as Chester Desmond).

There were also some nice moments between Truman (Michael Ontkean) and Josie (Joan Chen) – one in which he sings happy birthday to her – both who didn’t end up appearing in the film at all.

Everyone from the Sheriff station – like Andy and Lucy – was featured, too. They were all cut out of the movie.

Big Ed Hurley (Everett McGill) and Pete (Jack Nance) had a scene at the gas farm. There’s also another moment – which Lynch talks about above – that features Pete.

And there’s a whole chunk of stuff missing that saw Sam Stanley (Kiefer Sutherland) seeking the assistance of Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan). That would have been great to see.

What miffed fans about the movie was the fact that there was no resolution to the series itself. Thing is, there was – the studio just opted not to include those scenes.

Hopefully we’ll get to see some kind of resolution soon.