Snipes returns for Art of War 2


Returning as Neil Shawn in sequel to 2000 actioner

Remember the other day when I suggested that Wesley Snipes’s career may be over now that he’s had to ditch the Spike Lee movie? How nice it is to be proven wrong.

Word has trickled in that Snipes has spent the majority of October filming “The Art of War 2”, in BC, a sequel to his 2000 actioner. Initially, the actor wasn’t going to be headlining the sequel, but seems he just couldn’t resist playing operative Neil Shaw again. Or something.

The first one wasn’t a great film by any means, but the fact that Snipes is doing a follow-up to a film that got a theatrical outing, and did OK, is a sign that his career’s slowly getting back on track. Now if only he can follow it up with a “Passenger 57” sequel – “Passenger 58”, anyone? – or convince Mario Van Peebles to champion that “New Jack City” prequel a tad more, he’ll be cooking with gas!

(On a side note : A film that was originally going to be called “Art of War 2” is now being retitled “Intervention” according to the IMDB. That one stars Anthony ‘Treach’ Criss).

Thanks to ‘Florence Nightingale’