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Dexter joins the Game

New film from “Crank” creators grabs Hall

I really like “Dexter”, but I have to admit, it doesn’t have me aching to do a marathon sitting of a season’s worth of episodes or anything. It’s the kind of series that I don’t mind only watching an episode of now-and-then, but not everyday. Maybe Julie Benz needs to get her gear off or something.

Whatever the case, the show has done wonders for both Benz (whose soon to appear in “John Rambo”) and Michael C.Hall, who plays the titular character. CHUD says “Crank” duo Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have signed Hall to wear the ‘I’m bad’ shirt for their new film, “Game”.

The movie will star Gerard Butler as Kable, who is the top ranked warrior in Slayers, which is a mass-scale, multiplayer online game. But he wants to get back his identity and so he goes on a quest to destroy the system that has incarcerated him. Hall will be playing the “guy pulling the strings” bad guy, Ken Castle.

Sounds like it could be a cool movie – then again, I thought the same about “Crank” before watching it.

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