Crowe may Play Pitt role


Russell in talks to replace Brad in “State of Play”

Russell Crowe is in talks to replace Brad Pitt in “State of Play”, says Variety.

Pitt left the project because “he was essentially forced out of a movie he’s been eager to topline for almost two years just because the studio wouldn’t wait for a strike resolution and a rewrite to bring the script back to a place that made him comfortable” according to the reps.

The role Pitt exited and Crowe is considering is a politico-turned-journalist who spearheads his newspaper’s investigation into a killing that leads to a fast-rising pol (Edward Norton). The journalist faces two conflicts: He once ran campaigns for the pol and was his confidant, and the journo develops a romance with the pol’s estranged wife (Robin Wright Penn).

Will Crowe do it? that depends on whether it clashes with his next film “Nottingham”, the Robin Hood pic that he’s doing with (of course) Ridley Scott, which is due to kick off in March.