The Rock talks Shazam


And how you decided which character he’d play in it

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson wants to thank the fans for swaying him – ha! See! Nah, you probably don’t, go read “Caffeinated Clint” and you’ll see what I’m talking about – towards the character of Black Adam, not Captain Marvel, in the upcoming “Shazam” movie. Do you all know what I’m talking about? No? Well, that film’s director Peter Segal had offered The Rock either role in the film…. The big guy just couldn’t decide which one to play, so he asked the fans. Their response? “Bad guy, Mr Big Bones”.

The big guy tells, “What I did, they first approached me about playing Captain Marvel and they also said, ‘And there’s also this interesting character too called Black Adam.’ This was about a year ago while we were on the set of Get Smart,” said Johnson who worked with Shazam! director Segal on the film adaptation of the classic TV Get Smart series. “I said, ‘Oh, okay, great.’ We went down to Comic Con to show the trailer of Get Smart and down there, talking to all the fans, they were like, ‘You should really look into Black Adam.’ So I said to a writer or journalist, ‘Well, right now I think it’s just up to the fans. They should just let me know.’ And they let me know in spades. ‘You should be Black Adam!’ Great, and then that dictated to the studio, to the director.”

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