Justice League going Green?


A “Royale” appointment for some Superheroes

Eva Green, that tall glass of spirits that shaked and later stirred Bond’s senses in “Casino Royale”, jetted into Sydney this week to audition for a role in – a film many assumed was dead – “Justice League”, says The Daily Telegraph.

And before anyone says ‘No, she was in town for The Golden Compass premiere’ – yes, there was a ”Golden Compass” premiere last Sunday night in Sydney, and some of the cast did turn up (Nicole Kidman was there), but according to the paper, Green was a no-show. She was probably in her 5-star hotel room rehearsing lines with her boyfriend Martin Csokas.

So, let the speculation begin, whom is Green auditioning for in “Justice League”? I think she’d make a pretty fly Wonder Woman… but hasn’t Megan Gale got that role? Or has she?

It’s harder to keep track on “Justice League” than it is of greyhounds in a race, and I bet Warner Bros likes that just fine.