Various News Items – 24/12/07


Lana Lang is a “Street Fighter”, Berg does “Dune”, Joe is Smokin’

Hey guys –

I’ve had the flu the last couple of days (yeah, so much for drinking and eating to my heart’s content this Xmas) thus the lack of updates. Thankfully though, news is relatively scarce this week, so you’re not missing out on much having not heard from me for a couple of days here and there.
But, for those that are looking for their pre-Xmas fix, here’s a run-down of what we may have missed :

– According to Coming Soon, “Smallville” and “Euro Trip” star Kristin Kreuk will play Chun-Li in “Street Fighter : Legend of Chun Li”, based on the popular “Street Fighter” video games. The pic starts filming in March 2008.
– Peter Berg has confirmed two rumours for MTV : he’ll direct Tom Cruise in the film “Edwin A.Salt” and he’ll also direct a new big-screen version of Frank Hubert’s “Dune” (has his work cut out for him there).
– On his blog, director Joe Carnahan (“Killing Pablo”) mentioned his dislike – duh! – for the other ‘Pablo Escobar’ project that’s in the works, “Escobar” which Oliver Stone will direct . “Not sure where the other, horrible Pablo project is at the moment. I know they’re getting turned down by a lot of folks…memo to aspiring screenwriters, if you want to know how NOT to write a screenplay, pick up that piece of sh*t and use it as reverse tutelage. It not only does a disservice to the craft of writing, it mocks one of the greatest figures in Latin American history with a non-existent, wholly fictionalized Butch and Sundance angle involving Pablo and his brother Roberto. It’s laughably lame.”
– Jay Roach spoke to TVs “Hollywood Shootout” about “Used Guys” the film he was planning to do with Ben Stiller and Jim Carrey, which was cancelled at the 11th hour. Roach says he feels the cost of the film ($100 million) was no big deal, saying that its “prejudice” to think that a comedy shouldn’t cost that much money, when a superhero film can cost twice as much. For “Used Guys” to work – “it was supposed to be magical”, says Roach, “we’d have like ten Ben Stiller’s in a scene” – it needed that budget.
– Lifetime has its designs on “Coco Chanel,” a miniseries featuring Shirley MacLaine as the fashion icon. MacLaine will play the designer in her later years, as she set out to re-establish her reputation as a fashion trendsetter. Barbora Bobulova (“In Love and War”) will play the younger Chanel. Christian Duguay (“Human Trafficking,” “Hitler: The Rise of Evil”) is set to direct, says The Hollywood Reporter
– Neil Gaiman has posted up a sneak peek at Henry Selick’s film adaptation of his “Coraline” here .

Finally, Merry Christmas from myself, and everyone here at Moviehole!